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  2. Guys, do not click that link
  3. Guys, do not click that link
  4. Hello, as of late, I've noticed a lot of old players leaving. So I want to see how many old players still play epsilon (or atleast look on the forums) Also feel free to comment on some of the things that are long gone, aswell as the players that no longer play It's impossible someone have been playing more than 4 years lol For more details : explainer video
  5. After a long time of working towards making Epsilon a better place, I think it's time I get ready to focus more on college seeing as I start on the 6th. It's been a good run and I'm sure I'll miss you all That being said, if college turns out to be less stressful than I'm anticipating, or if I find some free time, I would be happy to come back if John wants me to. Honestly I just don't see a reason to take up a spot on the staff team when I'm not even logging into the server. It started to get to a point where when somebody asked me to help them with something, or asked me to fix something, I would find any excuse possible not to do it. This isn't how staff should be and it's definitely not how I want to be when I'm staff. I will still be responding to messages through Skype and Discord, so if you ever wanna chat, feel free to hit me up. For more details : teaser trailer
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  7. A bit of news here lads - Has implications for our party, so he'll update us here soon!
  8. Really good to hear from you, Christian. Hope it's good news this time!
  9. Thank you so much for the support guys. There is some new news incoming from me this week, and I will be making a post here to update. You guys rock.
  10. Haha, well I wouldn't go that far. I'll try and contact Christian on Twitter now. I'm still vying for owners of the game to get access to the source code, as that would allow us all to have a tinker. Good to hear from all of you!
  11. I check in on Ready or Not every now and then but if I recall correctly its like a team of 4 that haven't put out a game before? Got to say that doesn't leave me with confidence, I mean UE4 is a great tool and I'm sure smaller teams can get games out there but at the level people want out of a tactical shooter? I don't know, Serellan had trouble with people experienced making games in the genre. I'm all for them pulling it off but it will mostly sit in the back of my mind till something significant happens.
  12. Nice! I am also checking in every now and then. I have my hopes on Ready or Not at the moment, what do you guys think? http://voidinteractive.net/ Serellan if you read this, let us know what you are doing nowadays
  13. Likewise DarkSynopsis! Your efforts in level editting are much appreciated too! (Also any perceived puns in my previous post are completely unintentional for the record.)
  14. Glad to see there are others still around
  15. Hi everyone. I just want to say I'm still here, and I haven't stopped being a fan of Serellan. I may not have been a Kickstarter backer for Takedown, but I did purchase multiple copies of it and distributed it to people. I also purchased copies of Epsilon to make up for the fact that I was very kindly allowed into the technical testing group, (and sincerest apologies for failing to contribute significantly to Serellan in return; I have since resolved issues that got in my way of playtesting, but I am too offensively late for it to matter). My point is, I'm not done being a part of the Serellan community, and I don't care what's left of it. I'm still here, and I'm not leaving Serellan as a fan. So Christian and Bella, know that there are people who will look forward to whatever Serellan wants to do one day, and I'm one of them. As long as the entity exists (or if the name changes, but you guys are still around), I'll remain silent but existing for whatever you want to sell. I didn't get Hotel Blind though, since it wasn't really my cup of tea to be honest (and for the record, I didn't get A Blind Legend, Beyond Eyes, nor Perception, so it's not you at all). I'm not a blind follower, and there are things I don't agree with. But that doesn't change the fact that I am on your side and I am NOT one of the people who will kick you while you're down. I am trying to learn about the bitterness of the gaming industry, so while I remain ignorant, I do gain a lot from hearing about your experiences and sadness that comes with the joy of gaming. Here's hoping I'll smarten up enough to know how to be a better fan. In any case, I'll be here with any other silent fans here. Tom is awesome for keeping that spark alive, and much appreciation goes to him and his talented voice acting. I'm not as proactive as him, but I'll support Serellan whenever the time comes. I will forever miss previous Serellan staff such as The Scout, Andy (hope he fully recovered from his accident), and TerryTheHammer (is his last name really Hammer?), and the Snowman/Bears jokes. But I'm not ready to leave anytime soon. Here's to better days, and fans that appreciate devs who know what we wanted all this time. And for the record, Epsilon is great, but apparently the demand made it a catch-22 scenario; people wanted more content before they will pay for the Early Access build, devs need more money before they can afford to make more content. And it seems other releases have overshadowed Epsilon's visibility in Steam. But damn Epsilon had the right foundation. It had what Takedown didn't have. And it definitely had what other tactical shooters didn't have. I don't mean pre-planning and its ability to change plans on the fly, and mark enemies (which I stand by as absolutely crucial). I mean a unique identity with its graphics, diverse cast, and storyboard cinematics. Well this wall of text is long enough. In short, Epsilon just needs more money, but the foundation is where it should be (maybe not technically since it sounds like the frameworks involved are time-consuming to update/improve or something along those lines), as gameplay wise it delivers what I wanted from Takedown (and no timer in the middle of my screen!). That and I'm staying as a fan. And that's... Pretty much it. I don't really know why I typed an entire forum post just for that. But I did. So too bad!
  16. Christian come back to lead Ubisoft. Wildlands is is a disaster. Only one mode. No m107 one shot lol. ######ty huge bush maps. Only 4 by 4. You should’ve been there to make GRAW 3 man. You and tha graw 2 team knew what you were doing. Get well soon. Make a 3rd person game in spirit of graw 2. I know you will be super successful with that project
  17. How's life Christian? I hope things are looking up. Would be good to hear how things are going.
  18. Hey guy. I'm still vying for Open Source Epsilon and just thought I'd keep updating this thread whenever I get any news on it.
  19. Would you be interested in working on Epsilon if its Open Sourced?
  20. Don't believe there is anything you can do about that.
  21. Thanks. Btw I experience an error message every time I start the editor, you know how to fix it?
  22. Should be possible, best I can say is check out the thread on Tactical Ape, we did eventually manage to get assets working in-game, not got a written tutorial or anything so best I can offer is reading through the thread and hoping for the best. Unfortunately we never discovered all this when Takedown was new so modding really didn't go any where
  23. Hi everyone, I'm here to prove that Takedown red Sabre community is still alive, hope the modding community is as well. I've started using the editor 4 days ago (never had experience before) and I am wondering if importing static mesh, materials ecc. the map would work and if not if there is another way of doing it.
  24. Sounds like a suicide letter. That kind of upsets me to be honest. I don't like being an "idea" guy but... certain titles have been doing real well. As "supposed to be" tactical shooters. AAA Though. You cant match that on a small staff, small budget, big expectation title. I think I have a solution though. All that aside. If you got some real crap to deal with. Do take care of it. If that debt is the issue, go bankrupt, Start fresh.
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