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  4. Hi, Wargaming is aware that there are a few players out there that want to ruin everyone gaming experience. We understand how frustrating this can be as we have seen the same things in-game. With your help, we can take actions on players like this and teach them un-sportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. XBox One, 360 and the PS4 all have limitations for player recording gameplay and because of these set limitations; we have modified our abuse policies to work with these available features. After you have recorded the actions, you would like support to look at, please submit a support ticket and provided us a link to where the video can be found: XBox DVR, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Once this video has been reviewed by our staff that is trained in handling Physics abuse for all of our products, they will take actions against these players. For More Details animated introduction video
  5. Hi, Just out of curiosity, which are your top 3 favorite Xbox 360 games and your top 3 favorite Xbox One games? There can be only one entry per franchise in each console. Top 3 favorite Xbox 360 games: Halo 4; Gears of War 3; Batman Arkham City... Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/f9237adeaf1742c09de144d7bf3f7507/topics/top-3-favorite-xbox-360-xbox-one-games/812951d2-9283-4e5d-b508-81b3215080b3/posts SaaS explainer video
  6. Hi, This is a program I made in AutoHotkey to keep track of what PvE missions are currently on rotation since I prefer playing certain missions over others. It should run on any modern version of Windows(XP,7,8,10), and it is less than a megabyte in size. An installation or administrative rights are not required, just run the program in its folder. I recommend making a shortcut of the program by right-clicking it, selecting the "Send to" option, and then selecting the "Desktop (Create shortcut)". This program was designed on the NA server with 10 missions in rotation in 5 minute intervals, and I have been informed that the EU server handles missions the exact same way. This is an exe file, however, and since I can understand if there is some paranoia about using this program, let me know if you have any questions about it. Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: https://aw.my.com/en/forum/showthread.php?73953-PvE-Mission-Rotation-Tracker Sales video marketing
  7. Come on in and see what all the hype is about! https://discord.gg/ZsDS5B7
  8. Ground Branch Update! The developers at Blackfoot Studios have been hard at work on Ground Branch. They have a pretty stable working build now. Still lots to do and improve upon though! http://www.groundbranch.com/ Also just wondering how many of you have purchased Ground Branch? Who has not purchased, if so than why not?
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  10. Hello everyone, Could anyone suggest some good shooting accessories manufacturer in Columbia. Recently, I contacted one company called "Battenfeld Technologies" and they offered me to try Caldwell and Bog Pod brands, which one is good according to you. Please give your suggestions. Thanks
  11. I carry a 12 gauge shotgun with me always.
  12. Hi, For some reason when I run any high-end game like Battlefield 4 or Splinter Cell: Blacklist, my PC completely shuts down. I'm able to start the game and play around in the menu. I checked the temps. and they are normal when I run the games and the psu should be strong enough to power the video card. I have been having this issue for sometime now and I thought maybe I could get some help from you guys. PC Specs---------------------- CPU: AMD Phenom II 965 BE 3.4ghz Video: engtx460 768mb RAM: 8gb ddr3 Motherboard: MSI 970a-G46 PSU: Bluestar 650watt Please Help. Thanks, I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References:http://www.techist.com/forums/f15/pc-shuts-down-while-running-game-269537/ Business Marketing Examples
  13. Hi, When I start takedown and create the profile and try to save it, it says there was a problem when saving to the memory card. Then it says to insert a PS2 memory card. I have over 5MB free on my card, and I don't know what the problem is. I can play the game and everything, but because there is no saving I can't continue my campaign. Help plssss.. I like this game a lot. Please Help. Thanks, I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References:https://www.gamespot.com/forums/games-discussion-1000000/help-needed-burnout-3-takedown-26398652/ Referral Marketing Examples
  14. Hi, So I wanted to ask something, I get that the lower you turn the baseaimerror the lower are the chances they kill you in one hit, but what about the others? I mean, response MinEnemySeenTime, should I turn it down to make them notice me later or should I increment it, same with grenawarnessdistance and overwatchhearnoiseradius. Please Help. Thanks, I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References:https://steamcommunity.com/app/236510/discussions/0/133263024016493038/ Affiliate Marketing Examples
  15. Guys, do not click that link
  16. Guys, do not click that link
  17. Hello, as of late, I've noticed a lot of old players leaving. So I want to see how many old players still play epsilon (or atleast look on the forums) Also feel free to comment on some of the things that are long gone, aswell as the players that no longer play It's impossible someone have been playing more than 4 years lol For more details : explainer video
  18. After a long time of working towards making Epsilon a better place, I think it's time I get ready to focus more on college seeing as I start on the 6th. It's been a good run and I'm sure I'll miss you all That being said, if college turns out to be less stressful than I'm anticipating, or if I find some free time, I would be happy to come back if John wants me to. Honestly I just don't see a reason to take up a spot on the staff team when I'm not even logging into the server. It started to get to a point where when somebody asked me to help them with something, or asked me to fix something, I would find any excuse possible not to do it. This isn't how staff should be and it's definitely not how I want to be when I'm staff. I will still be responding to messages through Skype and Discord, so if you ever wanna chat, feel free to hit me up. For more details : teaser trailer
  19. A bit of news here lads - Has implications for our party, so he'll update us here soon!
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