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Takedown Q&A #1 Video

We collected quite a few of your questions on the Takedown forums. Now Christian takes the floor in the first of our Q&A video series where your questions are answered. This is only the start of our continuing Q&A series!
Also, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Erik the new Takedown Community Manager here at Serellan. Over the last year, I worked mainly with the Battlefield 3 scene, but as a long time tactical shooter and classic Rainbow Six player, I'm stoked to be a part of the Takedown team. Expect to see me day to day interacting with you, our awesome community.


I never expected to get that question answered, so thanks.
Although I think the concept was misunderstood a little. Its not something that will be "taken away" after that week is done as that challenge might be offered again @ week 26.

Either way, if its not something viable regarding resources.......:)
Awesome video.

I did chuckle at the fact that the "short" version was 20mins long. :thumbsup:
Let there be cake!
Any chance the lot of us "late bloomers" who didn't get a chance to donate on KS can get access to the extended version?

Any chance the lot of us "late bloomers" who didn't get a chance to donate on KS can get access to the extended version?

Yeah, I heard about this game two days to late. But nice video and look foward to playing it!
The extended version is actually an unlisted video, meaning only people with the link can see it. Therefore, if you want to see the extended version, you have to ask one of the KS people to give you the link. However, I wouldn't do it because I don't know whether if I can get into trouble doing that. Sorry, guys :(
You know...there is a reason KS people get what they get. Because they invested.
Its just too bad that people like myself were late, have no CC's, or had no faith to invest. But thats life.

We are still part of the forums & still discussing everything with ourselves & KS members. Thats what counts, for this point in time.
Very informative but that first ringtone scared the crap out of me lol
Nice update, thanks Christian. Hoping and praying you find it feasible to do some longer-range maps or at least mix in some outdoor spaces with the CQB stuff.

Also glad to hear there will be clan support.

I enjoyed this video, thank you very much. I really have a good feeling about the company, the people involved; just take your time and make a damn awesome game :)
Just updated the first post with a transcript, if you want to use it as a reference point.
Small edit for the transcript.

Chris should be Kriss.
Also, it's not "trident true." It should be "tried and true." "Kel-Tec/Kel Tec" is also spelled wrongly. And it's TBD, not TBE.
Thanks for staying active and keeping folks in the loop. Hopefully we'll get an awesome game.....*cough*.....Old School Socomish.....*cough*