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  1. Thanks for posting this, it slipped under my radar! Disagree about Ghost Recon comments though, yeh they changed the direction, they changed it BACK TO ITS ROOTS. Sorry to shout, but they've taken it back to open play (by a massive factor), and play missions in any order, this can only be a good thing compared to the on the rails missions of more recent titles. Way too early early to knock Ghost Recon BigFry. I hear his frustration over Epsilon though, a renewed effort to get this tactical candy store back on stream is in the works though!
  2. Got a cool e-mail today, which made a good point about under-rated mods that get missed perhaps because of lower download stats Which is your favourite Ghost Recon mod that slipped under the radar? Let us Know Here
  3. Awesome pix!
  4. Hi Good question, and yes, everything was saved and backed up
  5. That's the feedback I gave them, the danger is this will be looked upon as Far Cry or GTA meets Special Ops, however this is only a concern because Ghost Recon has never been as big as what they have planned so there is bound to be open world comparisons. In the end, there will be no mistaking it though, this will be Ghost Recon, yes it will
  6. Yeh but do you remember playing R6 multiplayer - on 56K dial-up connections! LOL! Lord knows how that even worked.
  7. Yeh image c reminds me of embassy. Spent many hours stacked on those doorways trying to insert without taking any losses, then a quick left or right into a small room if I recall correctly.
  8. Okay the bug trackers are removed at this point. Feedback can still be posted in the Technical Testing Group forum.
  9. Thanks user47, we are looking into this.
  10. Like button pink heart changed to a green thumbsup icon
  11. Any issues or comments on the new forums please post them here, thanks!
  12. Should be resolved now.
  13. We are aware of an increase in spam posts over the last few days and have identified the issue. This will be resolved shortly, in the meantime apologise for any inconvenience...
  14. Hey Dan what platform are you playing on, I thought the beta did not kick off for another 24 hours.
  15. Looking forward to playing the beta on PC and PS4 this weekend! Hopefully the extended dev period means we are in for a special treat....