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  1. Yeah from a story standpoint it's kinda dumb but I guess we just have to accept it since they're not going to create a complete set of good and bad guy singleplayer content. They could have come up with a better explanation but oh well. The end of the beta did get pretty busy with PvP but that was the only time I saw it like that, all my other sessions there was very little shoot on sight. Accidental rogue is definitely a problem. The baiting thing I'm not sure about as I can't remember for sure now but I thought when you shoot someone a couple times and you turn "red", that sorta half-rogue state, if that person shoots back and kills you they do not become rogue. Like that red state means you are their personal enemy so to speak and therefore they can freely kill you without turning rogue. Like I said I can't remember if that's how it was or not. To be honest I'm normally not into these kinds of games at all. My interest in this game doesn't come so much from excitement about the way it plays as it does from the fact that it's an extremely rare case where I might, MIGHT , have a friend to play it with. I had him over to play the beta and he was mildly into it. We kinda tried with Destiny, I got it really cheap but really late so everyone had moved on to new content. Admittedly it's really my fault because he probably would've played through old missions with me but I just didn't like the game much. I prefer The Division's real world setting and I also happen to be getting 2 free copies so this is the perfect chance.
  2. I was in some sessions where almost everyone was being friendly, which was surprising and cool, but on the other hand it can actually become boring. If no one is a jerk, it removes the tension of extractions and some of the crazy/fun moments.
  3. You made some honest and pretty harsh comments, but as you said you're not famous so you probably won't have anyone coming after you . I feel the same about people becoming "big" before they've really even done anything. I think with social media being so massive a lot of those people are really just looking to become known internet personalities, both for the fame and for the money that can now be made by simply being popular. Without naming anyone, there are some who annoy me that way. I see them all the time, everywhere in gaming press, on panels sitting next to people who have actually been working on games or in the industry in whatever way for a long time, and I wonder what have they truly done to earn that place? It's not a hate thing, it's not disagreeing with their views and opinions or politics, which I usually don't even care about. It's really just me being honestly surprised and thinking, why is this person there? I am also forced to agree that there is a large gap between what is called gaming journalism and "real" journalism. I could talk about it for ages, maybe more politely than you , but I'll just say yes there are a lot of problems there.
  4. If nothing else, it would at least be unique, I think anyway . Are there any out there in development or even planned?
  5. Don't worry about how far into development it is because there was no chance anyway .
  6. Serellan has been purchased by Facebook.
  7. Checked his twitter and coincidentally he happens to be tweeting right this moment heh, like as I was looking. I guess that at least means he is alive. EDIT: just for convenience https://twitter.com/Serellan/
  8. I don't wanna be a downer , but don't they have to "give up" at some point?
  9. Just read a Gamespot article about Ubisoft projects and Patriots was mentioned: "She [Ubisoft Toronto studio boss Jade Raymond] also said that Ubisoft Toronto had completed work on the multiplayer component for the long-dormant Rainbow Six: Patriots." http://www.gamespot.com/articles/ubisoft-has-assassin-s-creed-splinter-cell-and-three-more-unannounced-games-in-the-works/1100-6418209/ That was the only mention of Patriots. It sounds farther along than I would have thought.
  10. It's like Destiny isn't it? Not really an MMO, but that new seamless anytime/always multiplayer kinda thing that's been talked about a lot since the reveal of the new consoles.
  11. Just a note in slight defence of some people, they probably expected more because they didn't know it would be a $15 game. When I backed it, and for a very long time after, I did not expect that. For a long time no one had any clue what the budget would be (well we still don't now but you get the idea) and how AAA-ish or not the game would be. After awhile it became more clear that we were not getting many of those features people expected from the RB6 or SWAT games, but then again a lot of people didn't follow the forums and such. Of course, at this point, everyone knows all this stuff so yeah, your point is valid. I'm not angry about it, but admittedly I don't play it either . I guess the reason is that the lack of those features made it much more of a multiplayer focused game, and I just don't do a lot of multiplayer. Maybe I need to get on some matches with some people from around here and experience it, but that's one of those things I can say but I know I'll never get around to. I've always been much more of a singleplayer gamer, well until I got into Rust recently, it's addictive .
  12. Takedown is $7 on Amazon.com, but if you bought any games from Amazon.com around Christmas (I don't know the exact period) you may have a $5 credit in your account which makes it $2. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EZCOJQA/ref=dsvrt_review_asin_detail
  13. I pre-ordered it and still haven't played it, I'm bad like that. I did watch someone visiting play it for a bit . I gotta get to it soon, supposedly it's really good. I think my problem is that it's hard for me to imagine it really being strategic because of the "cutesy" style .
  14. OP, did you get Battlefield and PS4? I wasn't going to get BF4, but thanks to that amazing trade-in deal in Canada I figured might as well since it was only $10 to upgrade my essentially free PS3 copy to PS4. Warning though, I can't really hang with modern shooters and mostly got my butt kicked in BF3 .
  15. I'm not stepping into this argument at all, honestly . I realize there's more involved here than just getting the game, there's the principle. But, if someone just copies the files out of Steam and packs them up and sends them, would that work?