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  1. Mazryonh You got some good points there. However the technology needed for these kind of equipment is still a few decades away from usability. The power in particles needed from several resources[emitters as you will] is just something we don't have access to yet. I'll have to catch on you for that as I am not able to just blow some answer's trough those argumentation's . The weapon things by its self. Yeah the problem you are referring to lays therein that, It all starts with the profitable if not ripe capitalistic surface. If the economy can rise that building weapons would be the best option. Indeed we all know that since the abdicate of Eisenhower, he typically warned about the Industrial Military Complex, in which was not listened at. therein lays the point were we are at now. As already proven in the wars after that. Economy in the United States rises when the Military–industrial-congressional complex is set in place and is on full throttle. But what we also learned in the blow back once a war is finished no matter the win nor the loss of it, The cracks are always expanding for at leas a decade. This being said without bordering you with all the numbers. You are totally right because as the need of made money and thus not pressed money to 1: increase the dollars value and 2:decrease the national depth. A good habit (referring to the above) is to develop weapons and go into the (MIC) protocol again. Non the less and to proceed without a conduct against viral forum obligations I.e. [3.13] The computer technology we are able to use or better yet develop is even in further matter than we know now. as known, central processing unit that whereas the core(if not) consists out of brain ti-shoo but still using binary in a linear matter I.e. 1-0-1-0 per nano. But with this equation in the novel type of particles we are able to calculate the 1-0-1-0 per nano in one (is we could say) bit so in one nano sec. ergo: quantum Computers. Fun Fact: Aside from scientific computing, I think this will be a great, and that being said. The ability of making holograms actually printing upwards, instead of what we have now(were we have to point it to a surface) could be set in development. For those whom are starting about light sabers again: Impossible till now; As you would need to have a laser equation that rises until the interminable.
  2. what happens when you right click and select watch on youtube?
  3. hahahaha... no really I had to laugh.
  4. 101 1-download steam 2-purchase CounterStrike 1.6 3-try to pwn 4-IF k\d = aprox 5.0 you will have the feeling. And you are ready for 102.
  5. In 1937, after the rise of quantum mechanics, Ettore Majorana, an Italian theoretical physicist, realized that the new physics implied the existence of a novel type of particles, now called Majorana fermions. After a 75-year hunt, researchers have now spotted the first solid evidence of their existence. And their discovery could hold the key to finally creating workable quantum computers . Prior to Majorana's work, Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger came up with an equation that describes how quantum particles behave and interact. Paul Dirac, an English physicist, tweaked that equation to apply it to fermions, such as electrons, moving at near-light speed. That work tied together quantum mechanics and Einstein's special theory of relativity. It also implied the existence of antimatter, where every particle has an antimatter counterpart—such as electrons and positrons—and that the two would annihilate each other if they ever met. Dirac's work suggested that some particles, such as photons, could serve as their own antiparticles. But fermions weren't thought to be among them. It was Majorana's manipulations of Dirac's equations that suggested the possible existence of a new type of fermion that could serve as its own antiparticle. At the time, Majorana thought a type of neutrino, an electrically neutral particle with a tiny mass, might fit the bill for his proposed particle. And scientists continue to search for evidence that neutrinos are or are not their own antiparticles. But decades after Majorana's proposal, theoretical physicists realized that the coordinated motion of large numbers of electrons in electronic devices might mimic the behavior of Majorana fermions. These collective motions aren't elementary bits of matter the way electrons and neutrinos are. Rather, they are "quasiparticles." But they should behave much as would elementary particles of the same type. It is the signs of these quasiparticles that researchers led by physicist Leo Kouwenhoven and colleagues at Delft University of Technology report online today in Science. To spot their quarry, Kouwenhoven's group created specially designed transistors. In standard transistors, applying a voltage to a metal electrode called a gate turns on the flow of current through a semiconductor between two other metal electrodes. Previous theoretical predictions suggested that if one of the secondary electrodes was a superconductor, and the current was allowed to flow through a special semiconductor nanowire under a magnetic field, the combination would force electrons in the nanowire to behave collectively as if Majorana fermions were present at opposite ends of the wire. Theory further offered that if researchers tried to send an electric current from the normal electrode to the superconducting electrode without the magnetic field turned on, the electrons trying to make the journey would essentially bounce off the superconductor, so no current would be detected at the superconducting electrode. But if the magnetic field is turned on, this would trigger the presence of Majorana fermions, which would enable electrons to enter the superconductor, and that would produce a jump in the current. This current spike is what Kouwenhoven's team found. When the researchers then removed any one of the conditions needed to induce Majorana fermions—such as the magnetic field, or replacing the superconducting electrode with another metal electrode—the current spike at the second electrode vanished. The results don't provide a direct detection of Majorana fermions. But the Dutch team did a "very compelling" job of eliminating all other possible explanations, says Jason Alicea, a theoretical physicist at the University of California, Irvine. However, the study doesn't completely nail the case for the presence of Majorana fermions, he cautions. The current spike is only 5% of what theory predicts. But that may be because the equipment used to chill the experimental setup must be improved to get closer to absolute zero, where the signal for Majoranas should be the strongest. If Majoranas are confirmed, they are expected to have properties that make them ideal for constructing a quantum computer. When you move two Majorana fermions with respect to one another, they essentially "remember" their former position, a property that could be used to encode data at the quantum level. Kouwenhoven's group hasn't spotted that signature yet, but they're on the hunt now. Follow ScienceNOW on Facebook and Twitter other:http://www.dutchdailynews.com/dutch-scientists-find-long-sought-majorana-particle/
  6. lol
  7. Allot of words yet if you read it the whole way up there is no point. Plus although I consider this as conspiracy, Do have to say that this nerd has to less attraction and girlfriends and a non-life nor the fact friends, that he takes his time in an empty scary room, take his only pokemon friend and come up with ###### like this. The volume of its text layout must at least took him a whole night of thinking. Brings you to the point.. ###### Is your problem son? Get a life! Thank you And have a good night. God bless.. sorry 4 the [3.8] Vulgarity
  8. already have an copy of it lolozzzz
  9. LOL BT I just cant stop laughing when i see it
  10. Update the Girl thing.. Because that scares me ;P hahaha
  11. What I would like to see, well maybe instead of only throwing nades back you also should be able to kick them with your feet.
  12. is it future soldier or cartoon soldier? I am a bit confused #help Everyone is using SF for the hud lol Plus I already own all the Gears Of War's.(which btw pwns in graphics best artist around over there.)
  13. I don't agree with the FOV thing I mean people will put their fov at 120-180 meanwhile others will have it on the additial(the way it supposed to be) 60-80 80-90. I mean when i played q3a and set my fov to 170 with rail-gun because its pro-needed..
  14. damn, Thnx trots