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  1. According to the IndieDB page they're a small company that may have started out as modders, so I am keeping my expectations low. The features are pretty ambitious. I need to see some gameplay footage first before I can reach a verdict.
  2. It's because AI development has seen almost no progress in the last decade or so. To conceal this certain developers rather use cutscenes and scripted action. I wish AI advancement would become popular again. **Buy the latest Intel AI Card 2000XL!!!**
  3. Fought any polar bears? Welcome back!
  4. Wow. The new map looks great. You guys are really dedicated, but for Pete's sake get some rest, will ya? PS: (evil video ending!)
  5. Let's have a moment of silence for the recently deceased designer of the AK-47 (Avtomat Kalasjnikova model 1947), Michail Kalasjnikov. He reached the respectful age of 94. Michail served in the Russian Red Army where, once he ended up in the hospital, put together his first machinegun. He eventually made the AK-47, which is up until this day still the most used firearm in the world. Though he was not particularly proud of his invention. Despite its success he made little money off of it and regretted that the weapon was favored by criminals and child soldiers.
  6. Ouch that looks aweful, hope he can recover soon. Despite the accident I wish everybody on team Serellan, especially Andy, a Merry Christmas (or pick your favorite holiday) and a Happy New Year. I hope you guys can make a spectacular come-back in 2014 and teach all those nay-sayers a lesson /pep-talk
  7. What I really liked about SWAT 4 were the preset macros. They were hotkeys that would let your guy say certain pre recorded sentences accompanied by a some text on screen. You could even create your own macros and give the text a color (although you would only hear a beep). It seems to me a like nice compromise between the abusable TTS and the barrier for some people to acquire VOIP (no mic, too lazy, too shy, clueless). You only have to add a spam limiter. Some example voiced sentences: "Tango spotted to the left" "Multiple tangos!" "Tango down" "Clear" "Follow me" "Hold position" "Reloading" Coolest would be if the voices were actually 3D-directional and with multiple voices to choose from (maybe 1 from each person on Team Serellan ).
  8. LOL!!!!! Yeah and the NSA is tapping all our phonelines and online communication. HAHAHAHAHAHA.... Oh wait.
  9. For me it kind of created immersion, but I wouldn't mind an option to turn it off. Especially if you're playing with VOIP anyway.
  10. That's why I liked SWAT 4 so much. Confirming your kills and casualties were part of the actual game mechanic and would even give you points after the round ended. This gave those actions a feeling of gratification, similar to kill messages.
  11. Here is my opinion. Due to human nature K/D ratio may cause certain players to become too tempted to focus on maximizing personal stats in stead of playing as a team. However, I do not think that these players are the target audience and would rather play a run 'n' gun FPS. Hence the effect of this is hardly noticable. I like the idea of only showing the final scores at the end of the match. This will decrease distractions like the effect mentioned above even further. There should still be at least a list to show who is in the game though. To encourage team play I would like to see stats for assist kills. When an enemy targets an ally and another ally takes down that particular enemy you get an assist point. If you then introduce a Team Score, assists would have the highest value. How fast you accomplish your mission also determines the final Team Score. Just brainstorming here. I just like games where team play is rewarded.
  12. Another review came in, this time from NewGameNetwork. It's not much better I am afraid. (link)
  13. That was a review? Looked more like a post pasted from a Steam rage thread. I wonder if the reviewer bought the game.
  14. I am sure this will be on announcements soon, so not sure if it's ok to post, but I thought the guys at Serellan might be really busy. Co-Optimus Article It was a nice read and explains quite a bit. It gives me the impression they are serious about getting the game in working order. The emphasis in 100x higher budgets for AAA titles was also good to put in there
  15. Thank you for that mental image.