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  1. The early access forum was filled with bug reports long before launch, this should have been a warning sign. when you mention that the bug reports didn't reach serellan because of the indian QA who didn't do a good job. The non Steam integration for multiplayer was probably the worst mistake Serellan made, even bigger than having an AI that was handicapped. If you can't play with your friends in multi it's very hard to promote the game. Edit Don't know if you're not allowed to (or don't want to) tell but i've been curious about how many copies the game actually sold. If there's a market for niche games that small studios could live on. P.S i noticed the Ubisoft shirt, do you have any kind of connection to them or is it PR material
  2. I was always looking forward to read dev blog entries as a Kickstarter supporter, And now after game release there haven't been to much info about development or the future of takedown, So are there any plans for more of this?
  3. Anyone else noticed the join ip bug in multiplayer menu?, that you can't write whole ip number into field if you use numpad. has this been reported as a bug?
  4. Many are probably waiting for the upcoming patch with multiplayer fixes.
  5. This patch made the game at least playable now, Did your teammates have same AI problem with hearing at launch?, i thought they where totally braindead then but now they're talking and shooting.
  6. http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Xbox-One-Games-E3-Were-Running-Windows-7-With-Nvidia-GTX-Cards-56737.html
  7. http://www.extremetech.com/gaming/139706-microsofts-new-kinect-patent-goes-big-brother-will-spy-on-you-for-the-mpaa
  8. Not impressed at all, and it seems to only have ddr3 memory , against gddr5 in ps4, the bandwidth difference is huge
  9. I'm about 10h into the game (completed about 45% of story), the game is well made with a good story, the only thing that bothers me is that vehicle physics is bad and mouse/keyboard support isn't particularly good.
  10. i would say the car physics in forza is really arcade compared to gt5.
  11. Just wondering if the missions will be in present day only, or if there have been ideas of having like flashbacks in story of terrorist actions in the 80s and 90s, for example when airline hijackings where more common.
  12. http://www.videogame...ee-to-play.html
  13. It seems that AssCreed3 is about to take the same trip as ubisofts other series, more fluid gameplay they say, but to me it looks like more dumbed down to suit a bigger audience, the second game is probably the best in the series, brotherhood was ok but the latest revelation was a big dissapointment, (not made by the original team)
  14. The devs told that the demo mission was more linear than rest of the game (for new players to adjust), but after completing all of the singleplayer missions i would say it's the same crap to the end, Sniper elite 1 has it's flaws too but probably better buy if you can live with bad graphics, and coop is really boring with only double amount of enemies added.
  15. Splinter Cell went downhill after chaos theory, double agent was pretty bad and with conviction they had removed almost everything that was good in the first 3 games. When i look at this video of Blacklist they should have replaced sam with a new character alltogether.