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  1. Yeah, "Unread Content" will show you anything new. There are also more options under the "Activity" button at the top there. You can even set up your own filters, but I haven't played with that yet.
  2. I cancelled my preorder after playing the beta. AI and gunplay both felt really weak and generic to me. The RPG stuff looks like it'll be deeper, but the core gameplay just didn't do anything for me and there are plenty of RPGs out there. Dialog was very generic and forced at times, and has the trademark Ubisoft Tom Clancy unnecessary random swearing that we've all come to love. Everything felt like a big bullet sponge including other players in PVP, and I spent way too much time jogging around from place to place looking for something to do. And when I got there the encounters were pretty much all the same except for varying amounts of enemy health. Controls were ok but doing simple things like throwing a grenade requires a lot of buttons. And overall the display felt very cluttered with HUD-style information and other things. I think if you're into the RPG thing this will be to your liking, but as a shooter it didn't grab my interest.
  3. Interesting... http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/americas/75812416/Video-details-of-raid-on-El-Chapo-revealed
  4. This is available in early access now on Steam.. anybody try it yet?
  5. Wait... Ubisoft hired a guy named Scott Mitchell and he's not working on Ghost Recon?
  6. Luke seems to be having a bad time of it. https://youtu.be/I1GbKy0l7g8?t=12s
  7. Delayed until December 1: http://blog.ubi.com/rainbow-six-siege-delay/
  8. Isn't it dangerous to leave your stuff lying around like that? Somebody might accidentally break the glass on that frame.
  9. One possibility: http://www.operationsupplydrop.org/about/
  10. Christian mentioned in an interview that Unipol stands for "Oh crap Interpol is Trademarked".
  11. Looks good so far - can't wait to see that gameplay video!
  12. Still looks better than GRFS... And they're claiming open world so that could be something. They could do a lot worse than a real coop Far Cry game...
  13. Squad, the UE4-based shooter being made by the creators of Project Reality is on Steam Greenlight now. They're saying it's being built from the ground up with big, open maps and up to 100 players on dedicated servers. But with options for smaller engagements and 5v5 & 8v8 modes as well. And modding and mission scripting support built-in. http://www.joinsquad.com/
  14. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svoboda_%28political_party%29
  15. Lol they should hire you