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  1. Life is Strange. Just go play it. Probably one of the best games of last year with strong female characters and a deep mystery story to keep you interested. To talk too much about the plot risks spoiling it, so yeah. Go play it.
  2. I was wondering why there was no load between pre-plan and action phase. Having that all in one map- plan, loadout, action- that's a very neat trick.
  3. YES MORE FEATURES FOR MY BELOVED MODE <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  4. I'll post a more detailed synopsis once I've had more time to play, but I'd like to offer the following bits of feedback: - I love how the squad orders are shaping up. The AI, even at this pre-alpha stage, is rather good at following orders with very few hiccups. The "Move to next waypoint" function reminds me of the Search and Destroy order from Republic Commando, only I control exactly where the AI will go via the pre-mission planning structure. The squad AI in general is also very good- they often catch bad guys with perfect fire before I can even react to their presence, which makes me feel like I'm rolling with operators that have been doing this job for years. That's a damn good feeling to have in a tactical shooter- my team has my back, and that's GREAT. - I like the idea of tagging targets through security cameras. In practice, however, it's a bit of a slog because the camera speed is always fixed. I'd like a manual turn to quickly mark my targets so I can set up my plan. I'd also like to be able to target enemies through windows with the UI, at the moment I can see tangos that I can't tag. - I'm still not sure about how the game tracks reloaded magazines. Are all magazines tracked separately like the original Rainbow Six where reloading often will give you your partial magazines from earlier? - At current the terrorist AI is a bit too easy. I found myself being able to run through levels like a CoD title at times because enemy reaction time was slow. There were times I'd open a door in the fatal funnel and totally expect to die, only to find that the two terrorists on the other side totally ignored that the door was opening. Hopefully behavior like this will be reduced later as the alpha goes on, such as AI having investigate behavior for noises like doors opening, hurried footsteps, and explosions. - Are the AI capable of executing their hostages? Out of the times I've hit the rooms the hostage has never been gunned down. I'm just used to the Rogue Spear odds of having hostages gunned down half the damn time when I hit a room, and while Epsilon is significantly less frustrating in this regard, I'm assuming later we'll have open/flash/clear orders and multiple teams to secure multiple hostages at once to avoid the hostages in hearing range of one another being gunned down while the player's only team is securing the other one. People may hate having to restart the map because of failed objectives, but I also like the tension that comes with having the legitimate threat of a hostage execution. - How will less-lethal methods impact the story and missions going forward? I ran the missions so far almost purely lethal, but secured the few terrorists that surrendered to me. Is this still considered a legitimate way to play the game? On the whole, FANTASTIC job. Miles better than T:RS already and it's only in pre-alpha! Excited to see how the game turns out.
  5. The MP-5 SD5 was my best friend throughout the first two Rainbow Six games- super accurate, quiet, and deadly. Love to see one in Epsilon, even if the gun is getting up there in years.
  6. So we can't use a suppressor and optics at the same time on weapons? One attach point only? Or will the team consider more in-depth customization at a later point?
  7. How many other characters will be controllable? Are these four principal characters controllable? Will the story be impossible to finish without them?
  8. FINALLY!!!! Can't wait to see an actual mission plan in action! How many teams do we get? Also, will there be a "Watch Mode" style where all teams are totally AI controlled and the player relies completely on their planning to succeed? But enough questions I need to find a way to stop the drool omg omg omg THEY'RE FINALLY IMPLEMENTING THE FEATURE I'VE WANTED FOR SO LONNNNGGGG YESSSSSSS DAY = MADE
  9. It was a sliding door, but Serellan, that was DARK, man.
  10. We could always go District 9 and use South African firearms... Sorry, I was just thinking about it too hard. Cool weapon models!
  11. Those are certainly interesting weapon choices. Do LE/Military agencies use conversion kits like that as primary weapons? I would have thought there would be some reliability concerns...