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  1. Christian come back to lead Ubisoft. Wildlands is is a disaster. Only one mode. No m107 one shot lol. ######ty huge bush maps. Only 4 by 4. You should’ve been there to make GRAW 3 man. You and tha graw 2 team knew what you were doing. Get well soon. Make a 3rd person game in spirit of graw 2. I know you will be super successful with that project
  2. My boy Ace, from London, playoff montage from Gamebattles. Insane sniper shots. You will never see a game which required the precision, positioning and the little crevices that GRAW 2 had...watch first clip, and whole video, but also especially at 1:50 in. Crazy snipe shots Then the most pure run n gun gameplay from my other clan mate, Faze from NY
  3. I talked to him before. Nice guy. Wish he would make a game like GRAW 2........
  4. No competitive multiplayer game modes though
  5. My parents bought me Graw2 in 07 in October when I turned 14 for PS3. My best friend in middle school told me GRAW1 on 360 was unlike anything else when he played co op with people so I decided to get graw2 and try it out. What followed has changed the course of my life. I became good at this game. I made a Gamebattles account. I made friends all over USA and in Europe that I'm still close to till this day on Facebook, or phone numbers etc. We moved to 360 for graw2 , and then back to PS3. Then ps4. When I was young and didn't have a job some of these friends bought me 3 month Xbox live memberships. These are good people. Girl advice you name it they were there for me. I sold my xb1 and was selling my ps4 due to just tired of COD and these games and some of these friends who I've known for 7+ years now thought maybe it was money related and offered to send me $100+ but I declined because that's not what it's about. I met good sincere people on this game who I've never met in person. I know we're gonna be close for many many years to come. Probably until we die or disappear off face of earth Christian Allen you created a game of community , tactical, skill based 3rd person shooter with insane maps. At least consider putting out a 3rd person spiritual successor. Honestly from a business perspective I just see so many FPS shooters is there even a piece of the pie left? For 3rd person shooters seems like everybody wants a pie but nobody is making the actual pie
  6. Honestly I know so many who's gaming has basically died down due to no real 3rd person shooter after graw2. We all have a big thirst. Hundreds of people. The gamebattles community is still close
  7. That theme honestly gives me goosebumps to this day. Beautifully made.
  8. The problem with the division is no PvP game modes. Also no headshot kills. There's health bars lol
  9. I couldn't agree more. Graw2 was unlike any online shooter ever made
  10. I would say Gears of War UE. A skill based shooter also. My 2nd fav after graw2. Learning curve is huge also to be good
  11. I'm not surprised you didn't design it. That may still be the strangest map I've played to this day Christian make a 3rd person game like a mix between GR and socom to get support from largest 3rd person communities. From what I see h hour not doing too good right now
  12. GRAW2 was a masterpiece. You mastered 3rd person online shooting, maps ( except for Bonfire) and you can be successful doing this again. Give us a 3rd person shooter and bring it to ps4
  13. I'd like Christian Allen to make a game jst like GRAW2
  14. If GRAW2 dies without a true legacy, that will go down as biggest shame in gaming...
  15. we need a GRAW 3....