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  1. *signs back in for the first time in...awhile. Notices a trailer and a bunch of QA videos* Oh, hey! I'm gonna have to get all kinds of caught up on you guys' development up until now, but going off the teaser trailer, you're headed in very much the right direction! Can't say I'll be super committed, what with school starting to pick back up, but I'll at least try to get you guys useful feedback within a reasonable timeframe, so assuming I'm not too late, guess sign me up!
  2. Well, assuming Serellan gets their squad management down, a killhouse-style practice course would be super helpful in adjusting to not only player movement and environment navigation, assuming things like stance manipulation, variable movement speed, cover/concealment, mantling, and doors/windows are implemented, but also the basics of squad commands, depending on how they're setup. Even if commands are as "simple" as SWAT4's context menu and quick shortcut buttons, it would be far more beneficial to goof around in a controlled environment, where timing and general input flow can be freely refined, then to foul yourself all kinds of up during an actual mission, given the hit to pacing and buildup that would deal... A killhouse would also allow, as Jaruto mentioned, variable, controlled demonstrations of any variety of situations you'll be likely to witness during the later parts of the Epsilon... That and there are plenty of YouTub videos demonstrating killhouse runs, meaning there's also plenty of source/reference material to draw inspiration/criticism from, hopefully smoothing out development, if anything...
  3. See, I was gonna start this thread by mentioning Epsilon's "Armed Tactical Unit of Interpol" framing device (9:12 on the QA) and the varying types of missions such units partake, but during my real quick research, I realized Interpol doesn't have any armed units... They're an international information network that assists in the coordination of local law enforcement agencies across ~190 countries... So basically, if you wanna go in guns ablazing, you'd be the local variant of SWAT and/or police force... But anyway, you came here to discuss hypothetical scenarios, so listing off Interpol's frequent targets of investigation, there's: Domestic terrorism, crimes against humanity, environmental crime, genocide, war crimes, organized crime, piracy, illicit traffic in works of art, illicit drug production, drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering, child pornography, white-collar crime, computer crime, intellectual property crime and corruption. And SWAT's activities tend to range thru: Apprehending barricaded subjects Executing helicopter operations and rescue missions Executing mobile assaults Performing high-risk raids, searches, arrests, and warrants Coordinating manhunt and rural operations Providing force protection for VIP personnel overseas I suppose given the lack of solid setting details, there's not too much one can do in regards to scenario generation, outside of mixing and matching arbitrary targets with arbitrary activities and filling in the blanks with stock characters, but I'm kinda curious what you guys envision actually doing in a game such as Epsilon. I'll try throwing in some of my own ideas later, as they come... Thanks for your time and good thinking.
  4. Huh, the amount of anime hate's kinda impressive... I mean, yeah, the market's currently saturated with obnoxious amounts of fanservice and poor writing, but that's more a consequence of sale-centric management and creepy fan-bases. Plenty of shows have previously demonstrated the actual medium to be capable of serious plot and character development... Kinda the same way with, oh-I-don't-know, videogames... But anyway, agreeing with TheOz91 and XJ13: Given the tactical aspirations of this project, certain stylistic visual decisions should be fairly high on the list of allowed grievences, especially if they in no way, interfere with the gameplay aspects, acting only to lessen development time/system requirements. And judging by the concept art and QA, the art direction will probably just be a variation of the realistically styled, cel-shaded variety, not unlike the likes of Fear Effect or Call of Juarez, so yeah, like Terry said, holdup on condemnation til ya, at least, see it in motion! Also, for the sake of roELjoe, seeing as whatever he's posting from is apparently of questionable performance: -Are the system specs gonna be aimed toward reasonable rigs and up, or will you guys try to accommodate older systems? I would assume anything capable of playing Red Sabre would hypothetically, be capable to play Epsilon as well, correct? -Want the community to post a system spec thread for your added convenience? Thanks for your time, and best of luck!
  5. So yes, you, in fact, very satisfactorily answered my previously posted questions, your shear level of genuinity being convincing argument. Seems I'll be popping by occassionally to keep up with this project and providing feedback as best I can! Guess some followup, actually game-related questions would be: -You guys mentioned anime inspiration in terms of style and presentation, would a community list of stylish, cyberpunk-ish anime be of assistance? -Will the Early-Access be free or paid? Judging by the permanent price drop of Red Sabre, you guys are clearly sensible in regards to immediate trends and pricing, so its more outta curiousity then concern. -How will you guys make sure the ingame gadgets stay an integral part of gameplay and not just another gimmick, as demonstrated by many mainstream games like CODAW and the likes...? -Will a cover system be implemented once movement, etc are satisfactorily tested? If so, what would be the inspiration/reference point? Thanks for your time, and best of luck! These are directed more at the peeps above me, but: Why the disappointment at Single Player focus and intial PC Exclusivity? -They're a small team of harshly rejuvenated developers, and as stated in the video and by past experience, multiplayer and cross-platform support is 1) increasingly difficult, and 2) a potential waste of time given Serellan's damaged public image and the generally negative reception towards the current generation of consoles... Their decision to, at least in the begining, aim for something similar but not entirely identical to their last project seems bout ideal and logical...
  6. Including the points I made about Red Sabre in my Steam review (in sig), will you guys be able to demonstrate: -Successful gathering of proper Beta testers -Beneficial feedback loops to filter less-than-stellar Beta testers and receive actually useful feedback -Willingness to publish a comprehensive list of gameplay aspects and overall game flow, for public review pre-release -More complete understanding of the Steam community -More effective pre-release bug testing, both online and off -Less focus on cross-platform release, and more on a functional PC release before all else -Improved understanding of own development abilties, so as to prevent wasting time on features that may ultimately not work, such as the tremendous amount of effort put towards multiplayer at the expense of single player -Awareness of the openness that is the game development community, in terms of AI, ragdoll, and animation, and its willingness to answer questions about their implementation ?? Thank you for your time, and best of luck! You guys have heart, and its very much appreciated.