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  1. Ok thanks for the info. Shame nobody seems to play TDRS anymore, matchmaking finds nobody ( - is there a lot of people who have modded the PC version to make it better?
  2. Serellan, you have taken a lot of stick for Take Down Red Sabre. I think the game is under rated hugely. This game has so much potential. It could be one of the best FPS tactical shooters out there if bugs get fixed and regular updates are started. I think this title could be huge and personally I would like to offer my services free of charge to start putting things right with this game. Issues that need addressing are as follows: Sound glitch from gunfire. AI team mates opening doors all the time. Weapon switching glitches. Weapons not showing on screen. Weapons not firing (this could be capitalised on to increase simulator feel with gun jams but would require sound effects and possibly the character to vocalise frustration at the weapon jamming and graphics then to unjam the bullet - a potentially cool feature), AI opposition being too accurate with their shooting, general AI opposition behaviour could be updated with smarter cover fire and spray and hope fire etc. These are just a few issues and I would be honoured to work for you guys and start making this game into what it should and could be so please get in touch with me. I also have access to firearms trainers in the real world who can offer me and you first hand advice and knowledge on current tactics and behaviour which could be incorporated in to the game. Let's not Take Down Red Sabre, let's bring back Red Sabre. Gavin George Mitchell PS I have posted this topic on the bug tracker forum too. Spread the word and everybody get on board. Let's pull together as a community of gamers and make this game work.
  3. GavLadLeeds is my gamertag now playing coop and vs modes. Need a clan or team for regular play.
  4. Added you.
  5. Added you. I am looking for a team too. GavLadLeeds