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  1. Oh yeah, that one.
  2. What I liked: - The environments look wonderful! Can't wait to explore them. - The art style is unique and makes the game stand out. - The armor design for Team Epsilon is creative, reminds me of the ODST from Halo. - Planning phase! - Weapon models look pleasing to the eye. - The music is really audibly pleasing. What I disliked: - Unless that one clip of them running was a sprint, I'd say the movement speed is too fast. - The death screen with all the colors. Something like static or the HUD fading out would fit the electronic HUD theme better than the colors. Questions: - Is that Glock painted orange to signify Rubber Bullets/Taser Rounds/Insert-Non-Lethal-Projectile-Here? - Will there be more than one type of Sight (Besides Iron-Sights)? - Can the HUD be removed for a more 'Hardcore' or immersive experience? - (Not sure if mentioned elsewhere on forums) What kinds of CQB environments will we encounter? This is all just my opinion, and if the questions can't be answered at this point in time, I totally understand!
  3. I'm still open for testing.
  4. I'm in!
  5. Video is up and running!:
  6. That would be rad!
  7. The map has been (pretty much) completed. It's all textured and everything is working great. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=505775175 Will post a video soon!
  8. Alright sounds like a deal!
  9. I believe there is a server, D3L7A1's co-op server is running it, ot sure about any others. And no, I'm not.
  10. Yeah, MissVerstanden did have a 5 man game, and his feedback was awesome! If you can get other people to play it, it'd help me so much if you kept on the lookout for bugs! It's a never ending process haha
  11. Yeah it would, with a futuristic touch!
  12. Thanks! I'll be making another soon with the updated version that will be going up on it's Steam Workshop page.
  13. I like it! It's simple, and not too crazy like that whole Gunsmith setup in GRFS.