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  1. I will say having worn a full kit before most tactical games do make you move unnecessarily slow.
  2. I have a few other features for down the line. I'm gonna make a thread in the tech forum. Glad to hear that's on the radar though.
  3. Cannot wait for that map. Hey Chris, what's the chances of getting a working breaker we can switch off on that map? Going lights out would be great.
  4. Sweet nice find. I'll put in an order now
  5. I think the G36 is a good choice as a first weapon. It's small and very compact. They also started making 300blk barrels for them around the end of 2013 so that helps make it very versatile for gameplay purposes providing we have similar caliber options that were in place for TD.
  6. I just did a quick scan and it seems it's not available by any legitimate methods.
  7. Haha great. I've spent quite a bit of time running through shooting/tire/kill houses in the real world. Not sure how this game slipped pass my radar but it released in a pretty hectic year for me. I'll see if I can't find it online somewhere for some reference material. Thanks for sharing man
  8. Wow I need to find that game and give it a go
  9. Man you aren't kidding about interstellar marines. That campaign is never gonna happen. Hell it's going on 8 years of development and is still a glorified tech demo with great art assets and decent PR