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  1. Huh, exposed. Funny how they had the PR rep off-camera, throwing the dev to the wolves to answer the tough questions on the business model. Shows you how honest they feel about their practices.
  2. From the videos I've seen, it looks absolutely gorgeous. The sounds are stellar as well. I won't doubt EA DICE are great at their artistry. It does however look very much like a Battlefield in Star Wars clothing. Obviously can't comment entirely given I haven't played it, but from the footage I've seen, that looks to be the case. Think they've also gone down the grimdark route with it - doesn't seem to have the space-opera feel that I think the LucasArts games captured. I suppose that's fine if they're doing a reboot of the series, but I would have preferred the style of the old games. I'm also curious about the lack of a class system - that was an integral part to the first two titles, which certainly developed an interdependent relationship between players/AI. Meant you didn't have the everyman problem of classes like in the modern Battlefield titles, where one man is too capable by himself, which helps omit teamwork. I guess some will find it to be a fun game, I'm just sad that Free Radical's version was scrapped! They seemed to nail the Battlefront concept, based on the tech demos that are out there. They're certainly a studio that would've balanced the seriousness and the silliness well.
  3. Looks gorgeous, kudos to the artists.
  4. Yeah, I'd be up for giving that a go.
  5. Nice work! I've been playing some R63 coop recently on this map, and you've done a good job.
  6. So, Epsilon confirmed for class-based arena shooter?
  7. Just needs delayed some more so it can become vaporware! I'll stick to Raven Shield and SWAT3, thanks, Ubi.
  8. Looks good! I hope, from an aesthetic standpoint, that the background is made lighter. In fact I'd probably make it the brightest element of this screen, given that the UI boxes are dark and the character model is dark. Still exciting to see you've got this implemented already, though! I look forward to seeing the different equipment options the team will come up with.
  9. Yeah! For a choice/consequence mechanic i.e. choose wrong entry method, dudes get killed. I imagine that'd be a lot to wrestle with, though.
  10. Sounds really good! I'm glad you've got a context based system in, that's really helpful for the end user. Have you thought of different methods for the AI clearing rooms, like fighting from doorways, 3 man room entries, criss-crossing (if that's what it's called!) etc? I hope that doesn't sound like a feature demand, just a question! From my limited AI coding experience I realise that'd be very difficult to, but think it'd be neat way, way down the line.
  11. I'm not entirely sure how popular this is, given that I've only just signed up, but there's a community run continuation of America's Army 2.5 going. I personally never got a chance to play the multiplayer of 2.5, which from what I gather was one of the better iterations of the game (which would make sense if people want to keep it alive!) http://aao25.com/news/ You can download the client and sign up, after which the admins will (manually!) activate your account. I'm going to have a crack at it myself, as I like to see these sorts of efforts being done to keep games alive. Maybe some of you can jump in on the action as well!
  12. Sure, I'm up for helping. I'm already doing some closed QA on another game, so I think I've got a bit of an idea on what important feedback I can provide!
  13. Yeah, I decided to give it a go. You still have to wrestle with the AI a bit, but it makes controlling the AI a lot easier since you can tell them exactly what to do. I was able to conduct a successful section attack, by putting one fireteam in as fire support while myself and the other fireteam broke into a compound and killed the occupants. I was even able to get them to move around the compound as a stack, so they don't do that stupid Arma thing of splitting up in an urban environment. Doing that with default Arma AI control would be impossible - especially when I had to move the assaulting fireteam across open ground, which would lead to default AI stopping (in the open!) to engage the enemy. It's not a perfect solution, since like all things in Arma it's a bit finicky and temperamental, but it's far better than normal controls.
  14. Well... might have to start making myself an Arma 3 singleplayer campaign now! One of the guys over at the 506th made a non-garbage AI control mod. Looks to me like a cross between Full Spectrum Warrior, Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six controls. I'll definitely have to give this a crack, if it makes the AI control bearable.
  15. Hmm, all of those angles - I wouldn't like less than 5 other dudes with me to help clear those rooms!