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  1. I was looking at Steam Discussion forums and found this comment, really want to share it with you! I've already replied him with the EPSILON's store page Keep going! good work man!
  2. LOL! I was never able to play online. I didn't try out online until Covert Ops, the first R6 series weren't such commercial titles, so there was almost no advertisement in my country, didn't knew a friend with this game I had to connect to US servers... with a 56K modem from Colombia.... man, I had so much lag, my screen remained static during all round, just heard the shots and yelling, when it was over, I knew wich team won ! I think that was the time when I decided that I was better at single player games! I'm glad that this post is at least entertaining enough for remebering the good old times with R6! And I hope that these new screenshots help bring even more memories!! Last week I couldn't work on this map more than I would've wanted to, but at least here's something new. I hope when the level is complete, releasing it here I'll be more than glad if you guys gave it a try.
  3. Sure Rocky!! Getting the whole team out alive was always difficult... That's just why TAKEDOWN reminds me so much of R6, the only way to get out alive is going step by step, room by room, making sure no mistake is made and then... MAN DOWN, MAN DOWN, NEED SOME BACKUP, NOW!! .... gotta restart all over again...
  4. Hi Christian! really appreciate your comments!! An YES! you're right!! It's the embassy of R6! Man, I'm really glad it's kinda clear, would be a shame somebody saying Lara's Mansion or something! XD I've been working on polishing the level mesh and I think I'm done for now, here are some screenshots from 3ds Max I wanna share, nothing fancy but very functional; Tried to keep the mesh clean, understandeable and make sure that every vertex sat on its place in the grid. I thought that with just the map blueprints it was going to be a piece of cake... I was wrong! I'll add some in-game screenshots tomorrow, after I finally apply textures, lightning, throw some in-editor props, and make it visually appealing. I still need to make some mesh adjustments because rooms and ceiling are huge! Thanks for tunning! P.S: DarkSynopsis, I'm working on textures tomorrow! Finally...
  5. Thanks for you comment Christian Really motivating!! I've almost finished the rough blocking out of the whole level (Does anybody recalls this remake?), I'm also doing some test plays with functioning tangos and correcting a bug of some tangos spawning dead too. Other than that, just enjoying every minute of it!! tomorrow I'll add the textures, a better lightning and more test play. I hope to release a full video and the files when it's finished plz stay tuned!! Wanted to post screenshot of the 2nd and 3rd floor but those bast... won't let me get near the stairs... damn! this game is hard!!!
  6. Sure TAKEDOWN it's not dead! or at least it has revived today!! Thanks again for the full support at TacticalApe http://tacticalape.ninjasfate.com/ and DarkSynopsis (Somebody at Serellan should interview him! damn he knows what he's doing and surely will add positively things to EPSILON ) Here are the first screenshots of a roughly blocked out level, fully working in Tango Hunt mode, selectable map from menu and full custom static mesh support. Want to know how is done? Check out the full tutorial at http://tacticalape.ninjasfate.com/forum/index.php?topic=118.0 , is somebody up to some TAKEDOWN revival?
  7. I hope is not.... here's a screenshot about a really diminute room working in the game. I have to thank the guys at http://tacticalape.ninjasfate.com/ and specially DarkSynopsis, whose contributions have been really appreciated, he came up with a very easy-to-follow tutorial available to anybody still interested on creating some maps for this excellent game. Check it out at http://tacticalape.ninjasfate.com/forum/index.php?topic=118.0 I'll be posting better screenshots soon! hope somebody find this interesting/useful!
  8. Sorry for the last entry, I was not checking my mail correctly. It seems I did received the notification but not in the usual 'Inbox' folder (before new forum implementation all notifications arrived to Inbox) now I receive the forum notifications on the 'Promotions' tab on my Gmail account. Hope this helps.
  9. I totally support the idea of reinstalling the Editor!! Looking forward to get this mod working one way, or another!! Really appreciate all the help I can get... and maybe we could start a new community to revive TAKEDOWN modding, and start growing up the TAKEDOWN's section at http://tacticalape.ninjasfate.com/ with the things we learn from this new project!
  10. I did not receive a notification on my e-mail when new content was posted 10 minutes ago, despite I have checked selected " An email when new content is posted " on a post in 'TAKEDOWN : RED SABRE Technical Support' section. I'm already following this post, I'll check on this if somebody replies by adding something new here and do a second test.
  11. Looking forward to this fix! I'm actually waiting a Reply in the Takedown Announcements & Updates forum By the way, I think the textfields have a big line-height between text lines. Other than that, great improvement, I'm loving the EPSILON artwork!! reminds me of Red Storm's Shadow Watch.
  12. I want to share this screenshot, I think this may be something.... I managed to export a mesh from 3DS Max, and then import from the 'Content Browser' inside TAKEDOWN Level Editor, and finally placed it on the map. I haven't tried out textures yet, since my primary goal was to import the mesh and apply the collsion model. I still don't know how to try a custom or modified level inside the game. Can anyone help? Maybe you DarkSynopsis? still around here?
  13. It's really sad that even after talking with the devs, things didn't work out neither..... I'll do some tests and report back if maybe I find something useful, an almost hopeless idea but, I want to try as long as I play this game. I would also try building something new with the Editor's assets. Do you know if these can be modified? for example change the texture on a set of walls. Sure I would like to check on EPSILON's mod tools as soon as they're out!! Maybe then will be a good time to let TAKEDOWN modding rest peacefully....
  14. Thanks for sharing your experience DarkSynopsis, I will try your suggestion about working on UDK and then import into TAKEDOWN Great Hint! By the way, I've opened 'Kilhouse' map inside the editor, and noticed that all level is mainly built wiht static meshes (floors, walls, props, details, etc), and not with BSPs, is there a reason for this? I would think that a reason could be that is much easier to make a whole scenario in an external 3d modelling software rather than building some things in the 3dmodelling software and some things within the editor wiht BSPs? Am I right? According to your experience regarding the difficult task of importing custom static meshes into TAKEDOWN Level Editor, building our level on an external 3d Modelling Software and then import it as 'Static Meshes' wouldn't be possible. So the best way to build a map without the Editor's assests should be with BSPs, right? But without custom assets, and props, the level would not be any good. Can I make these props or static meshes with BSPs inside the TAKEDOWN Editor and then 'convert' them to 'static mesh' also within the Editor?? (Pretty much like Valve's Hammer Editor helps to build things with BSP) If these could be achieved there would be no need to find the correct pipeline for exporting/importing assets from/to 3DmodellingSoftware/TAKEDOWN Level Editor. (hope I got myself clear with this) Thanks for your sharing! I knew there's still community for this game... Don't know if I'm being blindly optimistic about TAKEDOWN, but I really love this game and don't want to give up yet.
  15. Wow! nice custom map! It's a shame that you didn't got it properly working You guys at Tactical Ape have experience modding this game. What would you recommend me to do? I really want to create some maps for TAKEDOWN, but I'm afraid that the lack of documentation and 'solid guidelines' on how to import things properly is making thing very difficult. Should I give up modding TAKEDOWN and start another project? or do you think it's still possible to make fully a functional level??