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  1. Guys, do not click that link
  2. Guys, do not click that link
  3. A bit of news here lads - Has implications for our party, so he'll update us here soon!
  4. Really good to hear from you, Christian. Hope it's good news this time!
  5. Haha, well I wouldn't go that far. I'll try and contact Christian on Twitter now. I'm still vying for owners of the game to get access to the source code, as that would allow us all to have a tinker. Good to hear from all of you!
  6. Hey guy. I'm still vying for Open Source Epsilon and just thought I'd keep updating this thread whenever I get any news on it.
  7. Would you be interested in working on Epsilon if its Open Sourced?
  8. Hey guys, just creating a thread to gather any news and drop it here. Here's the latest tweet from Christian on the matter -
  9. There weren't enough sales and it was pretty much Christian himself driving this project without any financial backers. You can't expect him to keep taking out personal loans and remortaging the house. Other developers have larger teams and have had more sales and big deals from investors and publishers, which is why games like RB6 are doing alright. He addressed it in his video here - https://www.facebook.com/SerellanLLC/ ~Edit~ You seem to be posting in the Takedown section of the site. Serellan no longer have access to Takedown as it's completely in 505 Games' hands. Serellan don't receive a penny from it, and can no longer update that game.
  10. Christian's response has just been posted - m.facebook.com/SerellanLLC/
  11. Thanks so much for making this video! It was completely unexpected and very touching. If EPSILON goes Open Source I hope you guys will help us improve the game and keep it's spirit alive!
  12. Awesome posts guys. I'm incredibly keen to help with EPSILON, but the only thing I could bring to the table at the moment is voice-acting, writing and bug testing. As a university student I do have access to resources necessary to learn UE4, but my field is computer security, and my knowledge of programming languages is limited to Bash and Python. I know a couple of game developers and designers who I'd try and recruit to the cause, but that would be a long shot. I'd certainly be committed to learning how to use the Unreal SDK and contributing to EPSILON, but obviously my studies would be my main priority. I'm incredibly excited for this.
  13. Cheers mate. Though I think it was too little, too late on my part. I should have rallied my friends early on and spread the word more. From my point of view I think the best middle ground would be to provide the source code to anyone who purchased the game. I realise many people could get the game without purchasing it once it's released, but at least there's still a chance of people buying the game. The community could work on whatever they wanted in Christian's absence, and then if he ever wanted to continue development later on he could. Anyone more informed have any input?
  14. This might sound silly (I'm in the compsec field, not gamedev) , but what about releasing the source code for anyone who has purchased the game? If you open source Epsilon then that's it. The balls in our court, and you can just move on with life. If you might be coming back to update the game in the future, it might be better to make it so that people who buy the game can then have free reign with the source code, which potentially could lead to some sales, perhaps a revival further down the line? OpenMW and Call of Chernobyl both check to see if you've got the game installed before you can use them, to ensure people have purchased the game beforehand. This is sort of where my idea came from.