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  1. you know what. im all for mercs. why is it evil to go out and fight the way you want to, to od hwat you think is right, yt somehow completely glorified and riteous when you become a countrys btch, get sent off with rubbish gear and expected to die. IMO most people have no idea what mercs are. i genuinely know one and he is the funniest nicest guy ever, granted he is a bit of a ###### merc and spends most of his time in a swimming pool, but he is still a very nice person, who when you meet him you really dont know what his job secretly is
  2. lolol. the acne riddled person nable to hold a gun makes me laugh. i am an acne riddled nerd, yet i own at aisoft, with gear and weapons the same weight as real settl. i think this guys just trolling as he was the guy behind the most failed kickstarte project ever. also i dont think he quite gets the reason it was called takedown was to advertise tha game more
  3. lol number 578 in modern weapons
  4. wow. this is amazing. will sure look at every one
  5. ou know what. just throwing this out there. i really like minecraft multiplayer, simply as the other people seem so "real" the way they move and look but as for real FPS. definately. i love it in games when i have legs, when I HAVE a shadow, not a floating camera. not to mention ARMA II pluss track IR = amazing head banging
  6. im fine with 30, so long as it stays above 30 ALL THE TIME. that was my problem with ARMA II. could get it to look nice. could get it to run at about 35fps, but when i turned round more than 90 degrees, it would lag for a few seconds, or stutter. yes nice graphics are, well nice, but i would prefer a slightly rougher look to achive smooth action, afterall you can make a game look stunning simply by adding better textures and fancy shadows
  7. im sorry but why does it say "not very important" next to the G3c. im offended
  8. i think character customisation should be more down to what mission you are going to do. you want to run around like a ninja, so be it, but you will only have 2 extra mags, but want to be a juggernaught, well expect confusing reloads, slow movement and being the main target for the enemies
  9. very good topic point. when im out (lol) playing airsoft, at no point did i jump. if i wanted to get over somthing, i would "vault" or just climb over it. ithink thats why games incorporate the jump button, as its to lazy to figure out a vault animation for every bit of terrain, or "Breaks the shooty shooty flow".
  10. i would want a reactive HUD, but like just cause 1. no point in showing how much ammo is in your gun enless you are shooting or want to know. i prefer huds that have little to no info, but hav the ability to display if if you want to know, and of course customisation for skill / how you play. may want to have a night of serious hardcore, or just a stomp around a building
  11. yes. multicam eliteist. i would say im a bit of a gear head though, like to look the part, then again im a complete noob, so maybey i overprepared. and unfortunately the multicam trend is due to the annoying fact that multicam is really good, and does work everywhere. i personally prefer MARPAT as it looks cool. multicam is hideous in my opinion, and of course what is the point in spending your money on the best gear if you just arent going to like it but onto the thread, what is a tactical CQB shooter, well i see it as a small squad, or squads, going into close situations, buildings, factories, banks etc (like the jungle idea, never thought that could be classed as CQB) mainly rainbox six. loved that game (not due to it being the only game my PC could run at the time)
  12. i know only one person who is part of a PMC and he looks NOTHING like that but as for the general PMC feel, i think its all too uniform. try throwingin a black holster, instead of all tan. alot of PMC guys buy their own stuff, or its quite rubbish surplus stuff.
  13. i love track IR support. pretty much played ARMA II for a monnth solid, and the amount of times i was in other games and moved my head to look was annoying. for somthing like this i think it would be very useful, great for peeking around corners
  14. wel i would actually like to see a very comprihensive weapon customisation system. i do airsoft so am used to ourfitting weapons with different stuff, when i need it. like my pistol, i got a stock, extended mag, laser, sight rail and a sight for it, so i could effectively turn it into a very compact SMG, same with my shotgun, i chopped it off and put a folding stock on it and a grip. now i know some things may be very tricky to customise (if there was a duct tape customisation option i would be so happy (duct tape knives to everything)) but that would be tricky to impliment. i also think taht if a system like that WAS brought in, it would definately have to get away from this "3 customisation slots" thing. if i have an M4 that has the biggest freaking picatinny grip, and a rail on top for optics, im going to want to be able to put as much on it as i want to, or as little. but of course when i have my rifle kitted out with everything, while the red dot makes targeting easier, i have a big grip, an extra mag and a torch, that weighs me down and slows me down. so in short, stuff i want to see that makes this different from other games is a much better customisation system (hell that kinect tom clancy had a very nice system for customistaion) and heavy weapons that actually feel heavy.
  15. lol yes, i love a good T-shirt