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  1. Thanks Dan I appreciate that you are trying. I hope they won't gag you
  2. It looks that there is a lot of cool locations on this big map. I would like know if there will be a firefight mode?.......so you have something to do (shoot) also after the story. ......or even some kind of a mission editor.
  3. I will take the positive spin on this. The game is still on and is will "just" take longer (something is worth waiting for). Important for me is that You are trying to get this for console also. I wouldn't mind to give You money one way or another, but then it must also come for console and yes that is not something that can be guaranteed I do understand that. I'am however sad to hear that You have to let people go. I hope that they will find new jobs soon.
  4. http://store.steampowered.com/app/236510/
  5. 1: Full controller support? 2: Linux? 3: Possible port to PS4/Xb1?
  6. I have one (laptop). Just can't play with keyboard and mouse.
  7. Well funny story it now works again. After a couple of weeks it's now back to normal and I did not do anything different. Guess the internet is sometimes a strange place. ...but thank you for not have forgotten about my problem.
  8. Well I have tried to delete the cookies and to uncheck the remember me, but everytime I'am coming back to this forum I'am still signed in. I don't know what to do anymore and even I don't want to go down that road I will be forced to ask that my account could be deleted if this continues. I also tried to send a mail to Serellan, but that didn't solve the problem.
  9. What it should be when you go into the forums: There is a "sign in" and then there is "create account" in a green box. Now everytime there is "my user name" and "sign out". If I just close a window and stay in the browser(firefox) then it says signed out as it should, but if I close the browser and restart then I'am signed in again without doing anything. Is has never been a problem until now.
  10. Everytime I going into the forum I'am still signed in even that I sign out the last time. I started a couple of days ago, first I just thought that I forgot to signed out the day before, but everytime I restart the browser I'am still signed in. Hope You can help me that I don't want to be signed in 24/7.
  11. Get this game on solid ground and do one platform at the time. I just hope one day we can get a good tac shooter on a console. My hopes are as of right now Epsilon and Ground Branch. I don't care if we have to wait a couple of years......hell we haven't seen any yet on a console. Both games looks really good in there own unique way. Like the art style in Epsilon and I hope it will help it to stand out.
  12. I really hope that John can get enough funds to get a full release for this game. Every update just looks awesome, but most important is all the ideas he has for gameplay. Also what I like is that he is making AI a big prioity.