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  2. Is the enemy AI going to rely on base code or blueprint. I imagine if its blueprint then really cool additions and configurations can be imported and constructed. Different Ai packages could be assigned to specific enemy based on locale and/or difficulty level.
  3. I think spongiest should be linked to difficulty level for single player. Adversarial MP should lean towards 2-3 hits. Thats my 2 cents
  4. Looks pretty good. I agree that a bi weekly update is completely fine.
  5. My computer sucks ballz but I can try to run it on this. Might have to whip the hamster a bit more than usual to get 10fps.
  6. Do you design the music for a game in small modular blocks that can link together seamlessly and quickly therefore allowing rapid transition from slow paced music to dramatic or action music based on player actions or in game triggers?
  7. Looks amazing. Stupid question but is there any chance of being able to plan triggers. For instance if 1 member of team incapacitated then move to plan B.
  8. Great idea but I will politely refuse a free copy. Rather pay for someone's hard work.
  9. Personally I do not believe that a rock/scissors/paper system should be used. Different equipment should at best offer an advantage not be game changers. I also believe that all features can lessen this advantage but not negate it.Such as environment and tactics. For instance a Xray/Microwave viewer would be more or less effective based on not just camo type or thermal decoy, but also distance from target and wall material type. These could possibly add both a fading and blurring effect, if possible with the Unreal tech.
  10. Interesting aesthetic that could play well in multiplayer if opponents can see your hand gestures
  11. Having a tactical management version of the game would be very cool. On a different note with Epsilon support VR ?
  12. Great screenshot. Hope this makes it to xbox one. With the greater AI and dedicated planning phase it would be great to see your plan play out cinematically without direct control if thats possible.