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  1. Yes I've tried it! There are good points and bad points. On the good To win you need a good tactical team that communicates over mic, headless chickens lose. It has a great realistic feel, even with medics that can bring you back from the dead and spawn points but with 50 v 50, very large maps and a large ticket count you'd need to have respawning. On the bad Not everyone communicates over mic, random team killing and trolling can be tiresome. It's not optimised for large scale gameplay yet with disconnects and massive lag spikes getting in the way of immersion. On the whole I like it and will continue to enjoy it.
  2. I found it fun for the time I played but as said there is zero skill involved.
  3. Well the G36c looks amazing, but the lightness and agility of the MP5 just makes more sense to me for CQC.
  4. Quick question, are we allowed to record Video and YouTube from the current Steam build now? I want it to show off through Twitter etc Stupid question, sorry !!
  5. Just about to go buy my copies for my friends. I really hope the first day has been good for you guys!
  6. In
  7. How will you make sure the music compliments gameplay without being cliche within the tactical shooter genre?
  8. Sign me up, count me in, I'm here for youuuuu !! (Sing it, it sounds great)
  9. At least the safety is on
  10. Indeed the gameplay reveal will be great!
  11. Squad has been funded
  12. Funding: Will you be looking for crowd funding? If so where in the development cycle will you be asking for funding? Can we be reassured that you'll be as open as you possibly can be about funding and development status during the process What crowd funding tools will you be going for? E.g. Kickstarter, Steam early access and direct funding During the Takedown development when you commented that you were bug fixing in a hotel room after 12 hours on a conference floor I knew your backs were against the wall and things were tight, moving forward what can you do so you are not put in the same position?
  13. Well the 'words' out and it's being brandished about in different media now. Christian said there are even 8 devs (3 being women) working on Epsilon so there is significant money pouring into the game. I'd think they would need to demonstrate significant proof of concept for the next funding release and bet that would see the start of PR. I wish them well, they've got my money already!
  14. Ha. 'Do it live' (next time). So where's the Poll ?
  15. They sure did, completely unbelievable for a community funded project. Really not sure what to make of it apart from its a kick in the teeth aimed directly at everyone who helped make it happen.