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  1. I believe we get self promotion blocker because our Reddit accounts are tied to Epsilon subreddit.
  2. Hey sorry for being dark, I've been out of town. I'll work to bring more of you in shortly.
  3. Nope not windsurfing. Zombies took my arms here in the desert. Which desert? Driving with my knees now.
  4. If you were a good stalker you'd notice I posted the last test build from "out of town"
  5. Hey Chicken, fill out the form link within the latest Kickstarter update.
  6. We're going to reduce it, it just takes animation cycles to sync the two. How about this for movement?
  7. Not sure, Unreal looks for mp4. Perhaps could be written into the engine code, but screw that lol Our time is better spent in other areas.
  8. http://steamcommunity.com/app/300760/discussions/4/
  9. Lol no worries. We're going to pull the intro video from the next build, it's a confusion blocker for many.
  10. They deliver, and try to get glimpses of the game every time lol
  11. Great!
  12. Are you running team viewer or any remote desktop tools? Any video capture tools in the background? Try closing them, seems Unreal Engine games have some conflict with these.