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  1. it's likely because they've invested quite a bit of their time in the last year/half. Giving feedback and sharing ideas in these forums, reading about the latest releases on the game and getting excitied. It's hard to recieve crappy news when a blunder of this magnitude occurs, so they'll look for excuses to help try and convince themselves that they werent wrong and everything will be okay. Plain and simple, it just sucks and it's hard to admit that.
  2. It's barely functional. None of the bugs I reported back in the alpha were fixed. There's no defending the state it's currently in.
  3. who the hell Twitters/Facebooks anymore?
  4. what is the TF2 scout doing at Serellan?
  5. Gotta go with the FN 5-7. 20 round magazine means you can take care of anything that moves...and their reinforcements.
  6. I hope to god I don't have that stupid 'jumpy aim' whenever I get shot. I hate to flinch or whatever when taking fire, Call of Duty is the worst offender of this. Realism aside, it's an exception that should be made to benefit gameplay and not take control out of the players' hands.
  7. Pretty much. Slant Six is not a developer that is praise worthy. Operation Racoon City and Socom are fine examples of this.
  8. *see popular vote* There's nothing wrong with the tactical shooters of yesteryear. They pretty much gave you everything from the get go. Don't fix what isn't broken I say. If it's purely visual aesthetics, I could care less as long as it doesn't detract from the presentation.
  9. Previously I would just scribble something down on the back of my bar napkin and then scan that in when I get back home. Send the jpg to my friends. They usually cant figure it out but whatever. On topic, really great idea.
  10. It really depends for me. If the 'campaign' is going to be isolated missions like SWAT 4, than I would want as many players as possible. If the campaign is going to be structured and tell a story more akin to later rainbow six or ghost recon games, I would think 6 players would be more that sufficient. If there's going to be a terrorist hunt mode or competitive multiplayer, would be nice to have more.
  11. I would love to see the FN-2000 don't you dare deny me my Sam Fisher fantasy Also the coveted 5-7 for a sidearm is desired.
  12. Pledged