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  1. Alright, sorry to keep bumping this thread but I just got back to my hotel from the Ubisoft Lounge. I'm typing this again on my phone so please excuse any typos. Alright, so I was able to play through the demo twice in very different ways - stealthy and comically loud. The demo was exactly the same generically speaking and we didn't have the ability to really do anything on our own. The first part of the mission involves tracking down a manager, killing his security, then chasing him down to a gas station. After you gather intel from him we piled into a Blackhawk helicopter and did a LALO jump outside of a prison complex to steal intel. Inevitably the op goes loud, you have to fight off enemies (including a small chopper) before extracting. Despite being in development the game played very smooth and intuitively. There is no cover system, and aiming is as you would expect. The D-Pad handles a few things including rate of fire, night vision, deploying the drone, removing or attaching suppressors, and changing the color of the aiming reticule of your optic. LB throws grenades (FS style), RB swaps which shoulder the camera is over. X reloads, Y switches weapons (2 primaries, 1 sidearm), B changes stance, and A makes you climb over obstacles. The game, at least right now, has regenerating health. The sync shot mechanic from FS appears to be gone - at least for coop. Shooting currently feels rather easy with little muzzle climb/recoil, but we only had access to two weapons (an ACR, and a sniper rifle) so it's hard to tell how much the game really has. Driving vehicles feels ok, not much to say there. During the event it was revealed you will have FULL customization over your ghost including gender. Gunsmith will also return. In terms of the way the game feels...this is the closest any GR has come to matching the feel of the original even if just in spirit. Without the guiding hand of the demo this will be an incredibly tactical title in allowing you to take down objectives as you see fit. The AI is a little weak right now in terms of challenge, but I was told it's easy because it's just a demo. Civilians are all over the place and can make shootouts very sketchy if you're trying to avoid unnecessary casualties. There will be bullet drop and bullet travel time, it's just not easily observable due to the way the demo plays out. I have to say though...I don't like the regenerating health (might not be in the full game) or the dual primaries. I also have concerns about how much variety missions will have or if there is any end game content at all. Also, no word on PvP. I tried to fish what other information I could get but I didn't get any answers in regard to friendly AI and squad commands. Do you guys have any questions for me?
  2. I'm typing this with my iPhone so excuse any typos. Alright guys, I had my first go at E3 and am waiting to try it again at the Ubisoft Lounge. Overall I'm cautiously intrigued because I can see that this game can offer a lot of tactical depth...unfortunately the demo is very scripted and focused so I couldn't do a lot of things. In terms of visuals the game looks pretty good. I've got nothing really much to say on that front. In terms of combat it feels like a more realistic Far Cry with the spotting mechanic. Technology is not forced and the drones aren't ridiculous. You can take suppressors off your weapons if you want - I assume you can also put them back on. The weapon lethality is very high for enemies, but there appears to be regenerating health. I don't know if the enemies can do more damage in the real game, I get the feeling it's easy because it's a demo. Vehicle controls are decent but I didn't really get to do much with them. I'll give you guys more info in a bit.
  3. Well guys, I'm in line about to play it and I'm sure I'll play it at the Ubisoft Lounge later this afternoon. I'll let you all know.
  4. Those were actually some of the questions I wanted to ask the ComDevs too. Provided I don't get gagged by an NDA (more than likely will I'd imagine) I'll relay what I can to you and everyone else here.
  5. Hey everyone, I actually got invited to E3 this year. I'm also going to be attending Ubisoft's various events, and I'm going with the specific intention of finding out things regarding Ghost Recon Wildlands. I'll let you all know what I find. If you have any questions you want me to ask let me know.
  6. Just so everyone is clear - I'm not defending Ubisoft or Wildlands. I'm just of the mindset that I'm not going to rip them a new bunghole without reason or cause to. We just don't know enough about the game one way or the other, and that writing the game off instantly is perhaps a bit unfair (possibly foolish if it turns out decent) until we know more. I don't think I have an unreasonable stance on this. If the game sucks then so what? I won't buy it and it won't hurt my feelings. It doesn't affect me one way or the other to show patience and to see if they've actually done something good for once. The game could be amazing, could be average, or could suck. Let's see first before we slander this thing.
  7. Can't speak for everybody as I don't recognize some of them, but there were a few people there that I know have been around for a while. Bluefox is one of those that has been around for a while, the same with Rocky.
  8. Like I said on the official forums I don't think you're necessarily wrong, but at the same time I think it's also maybe not necessarily fair either to immediately dismiss this title without more concrete information on it. We haven't seen any actual gameplay. I know that when I first saw the reveal trailer I immediately dismissed it because of how similar it looked to Far Cry. However, I realized my stance was based purely on my disdain for Ubisoft and it showed my lack of open mindedness. I literally had nothing to base my negative assumptions on outside of "this trailer looks bad to me." The dudes that Ubisoft invited to Paris to try an early version of the game swear up and down that things are different. Every single one claims that the build of the game that they played was really, really, really good and that it was true to the franchise. I believe them, I don't believe Ubisoft, but I do believe these gamers since they have zero incentive to lie or fabricate anything. I remain cautiously optimistic though because of Ubisoft's track record. However, if the game does what it seems to be shooting for (complete tactical freedom) then this could be the best Ghost Recon in over a decade. I will wait before I direct any hate towards Wildlands without actual reasons to do so. We have not seen ANY gameplay, we have no idea how the squad management/command system works, we have no information on PvP...basically we don't know anything. I want to see gameplay before I condemn or crown Wildlands. Let's pump the brakes and wait until we know more. The truth will reveal itself one way or the other just as it did for Rainbow Six Siege.
  9. I would contribute but us console peasants don't have mods haha.
  10. I'm super late but currently there is really nothing like Ghost Recon or GRAW on the Xbone. The only thing on console that will even kind of come close currently or in the near future is Ghost Recon Wildlands, but it's still in development and it's difficult to say how it will turn out. There just isn't enough information right now.
  11. As far as I can tell nobody knows yet. The guys Ubi brought to Paris to try the game out only did the co-op and I'm pretty sure they were not shown any MP at all. All of them say that it was an incredibly good experience and that they loved the build they were shown. I was initially concerned because the game looked too much like Far Cry and not enough like GR but...I'm slowly warming up to the idea of Wildlands. I hope it turns out good!
  12. I guess. The big problem for me about the Dark Zone is that from a narrative/immersion standpoint it just doesn't make any sense. Division agents, people tasked with trying to restore order in NYC, suddenly turn on one another and try to kill each other over a pair of gloves? Really? To me the whole rogue thing should be an extremely bad option that only the most stupid or douchey players do and not something that is openly promoted. Toward the end of the beta the Dark Zone (or the Dick Zone as I started calling it) became an annoying shoot-on-sight-free-for-all where people were looking to intentionally grief players...which is extremely concerning once the end game content starts getting used up. It's the main reason that I never play GTAV online because it's just not fun (to me anyway) to come into a lobby where it's just pure PvP chaos with no structure or point. Going rogue also just didn't have much of a drawback if you know how to exploit the system. A common tactic I saw was that players would bait more well-meaning players by shooting them a couple of times - when the person being shot fired back to defend themselves THEY would go rogue leaving the griefers with an easy kill and reward. People would also intentionally run in the way of other players shooting at NPCs or rogue agents causing the non-butthole player to go rogue netting another easy kill and reward. Another thing I saw were players pretending to be friendly at extraction points and as soon as another player were putting their gear on the cable they would shoot/kill them while they were defenseless and take their stuff. Getting rid of a rogue status is also pretty simple if you know the streets, can use the infinite sprint, the recon pulse, and stacked medkits/healing ability to get away due to the bullet sponginess of the characters - the rogue timer is just too easy to get rid of. The only thing that kind of keeps me hopeful is that the Dark Zone is going to be much larger upon release with a lot more extraction locations which means it will be harder to grief other players. We'll see. As it stands right now I don't really see much of a reason at all to go to the Dark Zone unless you have a full party so people can watch your back and deter the random bungholes from trying to start things.
  13. Yeah, I've been trying to record gameplay but the Twitch app on my Xbone was screwing up last night so I couldn't stream it. I used the record feature a few times but strangely the clips aren't showing up on my game DVR. Really strange. I can just use my own capture stuff that's on my computer though so I'll just do that. When you are just going through the story by yourself the combat can be shallow and repetitive for sure. Like I mentioned the diversity on the various enemies hasn't been great or noticeable. Enemies seem to come in these flavors: 1.) Melee Dudes - These dudes mindlessly charge your position with a Melee weapon like baseball bats. 2.) Grenadiers - These guys hang back and will throw grenades, usually tear gas ones. 3.) Snipers - Obvious. 4.) Bosses/Elites - The bullet sponge enemies, have different weapons and abilities. Like mentioned previously though the enemies I've run across all fall into these general archetypes regardless if they were looters or cleaners or whatever. They all felt the same which is concerning if this is generally all there is to fight in terms of enemies. However, playing with others in co-op DOES change things on a combat level since you can mix and match different complimentary abilities; when I was playing with my friend I was kind of a tank/healer while he was focused on DPS and such. I imagine it will be more interesting as time goes on since you can equip a few different abilities as you progress and those abilities themselves can be modded I guess to do slightly different things. That's what kind of gives me the Mass Effect combat vibe. If we are just talking about combat though it's all about positioning. There's lots of cover around so despite being limited to the size of the streets there are a lot of flanking opportunities including places to get elevated positions. Fire and maneuver tactics work really well due to the suppression mechanic which works somewhat like the old Brothers in Arms games. If you shoot at an enemy they will eventually become suppressed with a little chevron icon appearing above them which fades over time. So typically this is how my friend and I would kick off and finish fire fights: 1.) Sneak up, use the recon pulse thing and the tagging mechanic to find and mark enemies. 2.) My friend would kick off the ambush by shooting the sticky bomb at the largest group. 3.) I would suppress and pull aggro with my M249. 4.) My friend would then start flanking and taking out enemies. I'll record some gameplay so you can see. This game is promising but...I still have concerns. I don't want to sway people one way or the other though but I think this games is at least worthy of a rental. It's better than what I expected. There are two ways I can see this game playing out. The game can either get better with the full release with all of the content OR the game could pull a Destiny and be a massive disappointment. Again, I stress this one as a rental so you can try it out without having to drop $60 or whatever for the full retail price. It has promise and I'll just leave it at that. EDIT: Ok, recorded some footage and I'll put it up here soon. I played through the MSG mission on hard with my friend, Brian, and HOLY CRAP the game gets hard. The complaints about bullet sponges...yeah, on hard difficulty the enemies are very bullet spongey and do a lot of damage. I have to say though that I thought it was actually pretty fun though because each fight was a frantic fight for survival. Movement is super scary and sketchy especially against a boss character. Wow.
  14. On the Xbone which gets it a day early. So I played a little bit with my friend and it was pretty fun. You can really do some fire and maneuver tactics especially if one of you has a SAW or some other kind of LMG. The weapons do have a lot of character and they really do handle differently from one another - the AK47 kicks up and to the right while the SAW mostly goes vertical for example. The game has potential...at least I hope it ends up better than Destiny.
  15. Yeah I think the mindset to have with this game is don't go in with any hype or expectations due to the TC name. It is clearly a loot based RPG and nothing else. The combat is much more about positioning, flanking, and using gadgets/abilities. In a way it is kind of reminiscent of Mass Effect in terms of combat but naturally without biotics and stuff. I have to admit that I didn't notice much of a change between the different enemy factions as they all felt kind of the same - some tossed tear gas grenades, some used shields, and the Cleaners used their flame throwers but it wasn't a massive difference. I spent a few minutes in the Dark Zone and I was surprised that there were as many non-jerks as there were jerks. I stumbled upon an extraction where 5-6 players were fighting 3 rogues. I helped them kill the rogues and then everybody very calmly extracted their gear with no issues. I just did jumping jacks because I didn't have loot lol. Had to quit shortly after but I hope that this is how players typically act in the DZ with rogue buttholes being the easily dispatched minority. The gunplay felt good - there was a huge difference between the way an AK47 felt as compared to an M4. The movement was pretty dang clunky though with a cover system ripped straight out of Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Interacting with objects in the environment (opening crates for example) wasn't a smooth process all the time as you have to be right in front of the box/crate/whatever.