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  1. So the beta is finally out on this thing (I'm playing it on the Xbone) and these are my thoughts, currently: Positives + Excellent graphics + Excellent sound + Fluid ground combat controls Negatives - Non-existent weapon skill gap - Vehicle controls are floaty and imprecise - Death has no meaning with instant respawns - Awful AI in missions - Clearly designed for and caters to casuals It's serviceable and it's got a great Star Wars paint job, but the basic gameplay has very little depth due to an extraordinarily limited skill gap. I think your enjoyment will depend on your expectation for a shooting game and/or how big of a Star Wars fan you are. My 15 year old self would have LOVED this game but currently as an old, grumpy, and jaded gamer I don't see it being much more than a rental. Have you played the beta? What are your impressions? I think your review spot on. The SWBF franchise has always been a casual arena shooter. Vehicles in the beta are more like one hit kill weapons, fly around, aim and dive into someone, if they are holding a light saber even better. It's sales will be tied with the movie so this thing will hit the moon. It will be interesting to see if it has legs to carry it into the new year. My bet is it will soon offer the Mirror's Edge or Battlefield 5 beta then be on sale by spring. On the plus side as you state, it's a great paint job on the Battlefield Frostbite Engine. I've always respected the passion of DICE devs with pushing the envelope. On the minus I feel the network code on the EA servers for all the recent games has seriously fallen short. It seems to me to be visuals over performance and quantity over quality. What I'm really saying is the last 4 EA games I have played online have issues that persist to this day, basically they play like ###### where any high ping player can join any public room making the perception of regional servers irrelevant. Because of BF4 and other betas I have tried I'm not buying this game unless others I trust say it's good and it works...I don't think that's going to happen.
  2. Thanks for answering all the questions. I like the iterative development model and early access option. I've had a lot of fun with other games that have done similar types of development. I like everything I've heard so far and looking forward to more. I'm going to state a personal opinion based on one of the questions asked "should we trust you?" ​To me trust is a faith based opinion and formed from past experiences on weather or not you value and respect what the person or people have done. My experience with Serellan LLC is they are a dedicated passionate team who value and support each other as well and take pride and responsibility for their work. ​That doesn't mean everything is right or perfect but it does mean they take responsibility and ownership for issues rather than cast blame or create excuses. ​In my book Serellan is a class act! My message to the community is listen to the message, have realistic goals for the project when making suggestions and above all manage your own expectations.
  3. I'm sure it's just a coincidence but the concept art reminds me of Archer. Will it be mostly objective based CQB? What perspective will the gameplay action be in? Will it be turn based? Did you like Breach & Clear?
  4. I <3 PIE! Sorry I had to... One of the aspects of TD I admired was the bold color pallet. Still sticking to a realistic setting but NOT using the typical grunge brown or blue filter over everything. The art style of PI appears to aim for this same bold approach. I like the idea of adding some pop and color without getting too psychedelic acid trippy™. (<-- I trademark this for all future use). The futuristic weapon mechanics can lend itself to unique and interesting ideas. From what I see I they are energy based weapons based on ballistic mechanics. Since this is a prototype, what will be some of the goals in the weapon types? Are you aspiring to be super creative like insomniac does with their weapons or will you focus on purpose built weapons that through technology have organically advanced? (nothing without reason or purpose) The one thing about the gameplay I can critique is the brightness and laser splosions (pew pew pew) Too much can be overwhelming. When the brightness blocks all the detail and you can't see your environment or HUD it can be frustrating to a user. I would like it if that were toned down a bit. Finding contrasting colors that aid the HUD with the environment and the splosions would be a natural engineered solution to benefit a user. Rock on, Go nuts!
  5. I'm looking forward to your next project. I appreciate your postmortem but we already talked about a lot of that in the past. Bottom line you delivered your game and you supported it post launch and for me that was greatly appreciated! THANK YOU! This is short and I'll explain why later but just wanted to drop by and lend my support.
  6. I'll just do that!
  7. I hope this brings some gamers to the table and is the shot in the arm that is intended. I'll do what i can to spread the word.
  8. Thanks for the continued support! This fixed some issues I was having finding games to join!!! I really appreciate everyone's efforts. I'm happy to say I think more people are able to enjoy the game play I got to experience before launch.
  9. One a recent trip to a family wedding I was delayed at the airport for 6 hours. That plus the flight time I got about 5 hours through this game. Worth the $2.00 for sure.
  10. The one thing that makes me sad is people didn't get to experience what I got to at E3 and the beta at launch. It's a fun and intense experience when you get into a game with others. The bugs and finding multiplayer games on steam issues stink, but it's not like core game is completely broken. I look forward to the patches and playing this game still!
  11. Most doors that open/close will have contextual icon showing arrows pointing in opposite directions (open close) when you are close and by default you hit the space bar to activate. You can stand to the side some what to open a door. The radar station however has doors that open automatically when you are close.
  12. That's how valves work, you turn the knob and they release the content, turn more they relase more faster...duh! sorry...had to
  13. Steam: NO_FEAR_1963 Join the Takedown Steam Group I game from the North East Coast USA If you lag I will teabag you till your cheeks explode...just saying.