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  1. Thank you so much for the support guys. There is some new news incoming from me this week, and I will be making a post here to update. You guys rock.
  2. If it was open source, I would release the whole project for free...
  3. Dark, I will look into that. There is some third party content, but I may be able to cut that out or work around it.
  4. Dear Friends, As you know, I have been working for years to bring the concept of a tactical CQB shooter to life. Whether it was Kickstarter campaigns, publisher deals, or taking out loans to self-finance a project, I have been in this space since 2012. I have worked long hours, worked without pay, and put my own financials up for risk. I have had crowdfunding deals, publishing deals, and even tried our hand at Early Access. While we have had varied measures of success, ultimately, none of these ventures have proven a sustainable business model. I have dedicated myself to the genre, having taken personal hits to try and make things work, but it just seems that despite my best intentions, either because of my failings or the lack of interest for the tac shooter genre, I need to move on. I have put my life into this genre. I have sacrificed career, health, and family to try and make this work, but after years of input, it hasn't worked out. You could call this a failure on my execution, and it may be. I tried to bring back CQB Tac Shooters. I was hopeful. I failed. I am sorry. I have been mostly offline for the past year as I tried to close business deals and dealt with personal health issues, but unfortunately on both counts, I have been unsuccessful. I am thankful for your support, but at this point, I need to look after my health, try and deal with my major financial loss, and move on. Thank you. Serellan LLC will continue as an entity and I hope to update Epsilon again in the future, but it will be as I can set time aside for it, not as a major focus.To all the fans, I am sorry, and, as always, you rock. Sincerely, Christian Allen
  5. Spinter, Try the Taser!
  6. 1.07.05 is Live! Sorry it took so long! - NEW: M5SD SMG - NEW: Ability to cycle security cameras without returning to Planning Map - Fix: 36C Red Dot not properly attaching - Fix: Suppressor selection for 36C - AI: Increased AI sound detection ranges - Fix: AI not recognizing player as enemy - Fix: Crash on Unipol - Fix: Mouse sensitivity not updating properly - Updated Steam Controller default to Precision Aiming
  7. Hmmm..., we are using Rama's key kit, we will have to follow up with him...
  8. Not all mine.
  9. Is it not showing in the rebinding screen?
  10. I would be happy to do a twitch Q&A. How do I set it up?
  11. Hey all, Apologies for my hiatus for the past few weeks. GDC, Tax time, an annoying hard to track AI bug, and other factors have taken my attention away from here. I am back now though, and will be going through threads over the next few days as we prepare to release the next update. Also, good news, we tracked down the Unipol Achievement bug. After hours and hours of attempting to fix in the engine and testing (live with no cheats, argh!), we found the problem. And it was stupid. It was named wrong in the Steam API! This is now fixed and we confirmed it is functioning. In the end this was literally a 2 minute fix. DOH!
  12. Sorry guys, my laptop died the night before the conference! Here are some pics!