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  1. Read Mr Allen statement' Why you giving up like that Christian? You see BattleGrounds RB6" is that not proof enough for you? Tactical shooters are alive and well" Sony posted there 5th most Downloaded game the last 3 months was RB6. That said" your throwing the towel in and it's at the worse time" because it's breakout time, as it was with COD" and were going to see a load of tactical shooters come out.
  2. Stick it out and stop acting like a cupcake. Seriously Christian" getting focused is important" wish ya well...
  3. I have seen some post by him, So is he cutting lawns for a living or is he making video games? Sure would be nice to know how he is doing. Sidenote: Hope he's staying away from power tools...
  4. My biggest problem with the new Ghost Recon isn't just the vehicles alone, it's the arrogance of Ubisoft and lack of understanding about the Ghost Recon community and what the community expects from the franchise. I see another Socom 4 in the near future.
  5. New Ghost Recon Wildlands is Garbage, as i'v stated before' Christian Allen is Ghost Recon as is David Sears is Socom. Rip: Ghost Recon Rip: Socom
  6. Hell of a great developer...God bless ya man.
  7. No...Mixing them 2 game styles was tryed and it failed badly SOCOM 4.
  8. this is cool
  9. GRAW 1#
  10. Yeah the lack there of is a bummer, but UBI hasn't ruled it out and keep in mind there is a Ghost Recon game coming. Will it have Christian Allen's touch? Maybe if they actually played any of the Graw franchise. Sidenote: I sure wish Christian Allen would do a Twitch Q&A, it be nice if could we could text him directly.
  11. Gawd i hope GB does well, sure took them sometime.
  12. Graw is the only game i like more than Socom 2, as to your question about there being room for another shooter? Devision sold over 2 million copies on the PS4 and 1 million on the X1 in it's first 5 days, that alone tells you the answer to your question. Yes there.
  13. I Installed GOG Galaxy" very nice alternative to Steam.
  14. Well lets hope Sony takes notice.