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  1. If any publisher thought game like GRAW would be successfull, they would be making it already. They don't need mr. Allen for that. It's not like GRAW being some sort of special forgotten masterpiece that only one man can design. Do you really think if Christian Allen now approached a big publisher and told them to give him few dozen millions dolars to make shooter similar to GRAW, they would just say "oh, we never thought of that, what a brilliant idea" and threw money at him?
  2. 1) Do you mean Sierra? 2) Sierra has nothing to do with Ghost Recon franchise, neither does Activision 3) I am pretty sure Ubisoft's plans for Ghost Recon franchise wouldn't be just all of a sudden reworked if random former designer working on few old titles in the series showed up and told them he wants to make a sequel for GRAW. It doesn't work like that.
  3. I am pretty sure Serellan would want to make a game for people on various platforms. But Epsilon is self-funded unfinished game where the developement is supposed to be financed by gradually patching the early access version. You can't really do this thing on PS4 as far as I am aware.
  4. Seems like the issue tracker in Epsilon testing forums doesn't work.
  5. Unfortunately I don't think there currently is any fanbase to speak of on any of the platforms. But you know there's actually very rich history of tactical shooters on PC, right? Hell, even that xbox GRAW you like is just a somewhat mediocre evolution of the franchise that started on PC. There are certainly people on PC who would be willing to give money for a good tactical shooter. PC is generally great platform to develop titles in somewhat obscure genres where the success relies heavily on worth of mouth, active modding communities etc. Problem is getting their attention with something unquestionably great after all that overblown Takedown drama. Also, i guess it will probably be far more simple and cheaper to work on PC version in early access than on console versions, unless you have some big entity backing you. And I am quite sure Serellan is struggling with Epsilon finances as it is...
  6. Huh, we are customers, not shareholders, investors or any other party which would have a right to see these things.
  7. It seems to work now, nice job:).
  8. Well, it saves the slider position, so if you have music on let's say 20%, it stays there even after restart. Although, each time you launch the game and each time you end the mission the game enters the state where there is no music in the menu and briefing screen and where you don't hear any voices and weapon sounds. Only at the moment you enter the options, these things activate and play on the levels you have set, and it stays that way until you end the mission or restart the game. To activate the sound you don't have to change anything or save the settings again, it activates at the moment you open the options menu.
  9. Still got audio issues. After launching the game there is no music in menu and loadout screen, once the mission starts, there is a music but no voices and weapon sounds. It all gets normal if you enter options at any time. Other than that, G36 seems to work well enough, even though that useless spinning thingy on the red dot sights looks a bit weird while not aiming down, as if it was doubled or something. Performance is still a problem. Not sure why the whole thing started to run 20fps slower since one of the 1.0.6 builds despite no visible changes whatsoever. At least HQ map runs really badly now, even if I don't take into account that 3 second stutter which is still persistent on the map for some strange reason. TD map runs better. btw: I must say I quite like the G36 model, seems to be much more detailed that current models of other guns.
  10. There seems to be an issue with squad waypoints on TD map. I never tested it before, so I only encountered it now. If you set the waypoints for your squad and enter the mission, the "move out" on radial menu is greyed out. You can click it and the squad moves into their first waypoint, but from there on, they don't react. If you issue "move out" order, they say "moving out", but stand still. Also, you can't place any waypoints into the room with the first bomb spot. HQ map seems to work fine.
  11. Fixed Still has this problem: The deadzone is too big I think, it doesn't feel very responsive. To be honest, the list menu from first versions was much better than this radial menu:).
  12. Not particularly useful now as there is just one team anyway.
  13. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/10/19/epsilon-review-pre-alpha/
  14. I don't think you can delete it anyway. You can only purchase another copy as a gift. is the latest public build, so you should be fine imho.
  15. I am pretty sure you can post anything from publicly released builds.