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  1. Quick, someone get me my fainting couch!!! The look of the map reminds me of Frozen Synapse. Does "Sniper Selected" mean that the player controls him? If so shouldn't it be blue instead of green like the symbol "player"? Anyway, it looks awesome!
  2. @K-16: I don't know at the moment what would solve the problem and again i don't have enough infos about the system to really say anything about it. It's up to the developers to balance it out (though suggestions certainly help).
  3. On the topic of sensors and jammers: I greatly enjoy the card game Android: Netrunner (a sort of collectible card game) and one thing i've learned from it deals with overpowering strategies and related hard counters (as in they counteract). Basically when one strategy becomes overpowered and everyone uses it because of it the game designer might want to design a card that counteracts that strategy so that it doesn't work anymore. With such a hard counter the original strategy basically isn't viable anymore because everyone plays the counter (because the enemy always plays the strategy). That in turn leads to no one playing the counter either because it led everyone to not play the strategy anymore. They might also want to keep the counter in their decks so that no one even thinks about using the strategy anymore but then it's a dead card that serves no use in gameplay which isn't really an option either (card slots in decks are TIGHT!). 1. strategy becomes overpowered 2. additional card counters it 3. no one plays the strategy anymore 4. hard counter becomes useless So it's basically a nash equilibrium if i'm not mistaken. I'm not sure if there's actually a case of that in Netrunner because it's quite well designed but the problem theoretically still exists. I don't know if it's a problem in Epsilon because i don't know all the details but i wanted to give something to think about. From what i've read so far (sorry, haven't read every single comment) it very much sounds like an overpowered strategy countered by a safe countermeasure.
  4. Art direction is tight, the screenshots look great. I really like the emphasis on tools. Sounds like you'll have a lot of options when tackling missions. Also, the fact that this one will have an actual story (single player hooray!) with actual characters intrigues me. For Takedown i thought it would have been cool to have a dynamic plot that is dependent on your performance on missions (or maybe even on what missions you take) and on which team members live and which die. That's a bit ambitious but i like plots that take advantage of the interactive nature of the medium in that way. Also, pre mission planning! *gasp* Definitely looking forward to more infos.
  5. Only 12788 days left! Get ready!
  6. I kind of think it's legitimate to do this. If Quake 3 is allowed to do this, surely Rainbow Six is. With that said, thanks to the industry i'm pretty much not longer interested in video games (with a few obvious exceptions), i don't like multiplayer over the internet and this isn't Rainbow Six so i really couldn't care less.
  7. E3

    Every single game you mentioned was another game in a series. Just saying. You might want to watch this (5:00 onwards): or read up on it. The kickstarter campaign was pretty scummy and i encourage every one not to buy this game because of it. There's more than video games in life to enjoy. Go out and take a walk, play some board games with your friends, make music but do not give gangsters your money. At least have the dignity to wait until they've threatened you with a knife. Microtransactions yay! Also does it still have the bullet time from MGS: Tactical Full Price Demo to make shooting people easier? Because you know: Stealth. It's a Mercenaries sequel with the Ghost Recon name. Get off my lawn, people!
  8. E3

    I just watched Doom 4 gameplay and almost fell asleep. I'll do something else now. Bye.
  9. That's in the hands of the publisher who is the one with the rights to the game. From my understanding Serellan would patch the game if they could. Check out Epsilon, their new tactical shooter project, once more infos hit this forum.
  10. and don't forget large scale combined warfare in a modern setting. XD
  11. Great to know that some people are that motivated. Yeah, 505 owns it. I'm sure they are aware of the problems of Takedown as well as the potential and will not let it go to waste.........because you know, owning a franchise and not selling it while sitting on it and doing nothing with it totally does not happen all the time.
  12. I always laugh when i hear about "hardcore" modes in games like the 1999 mode for Bioshock Infinite and "going back to the roots" and that sort of thing. It's all just blatant attempts to get fans of existing series interested in the game. The developers never intend to actually make the games for the fans though. It's all just .
  13. But you can't shoot through walls in Rogue Spear if i remember correctly.
  14. That doesn't really eliminate the problem. It only makes the sensor less feasible but when it does work the kills through material still happen. I'm also not sure why the sensor should only work some of the time and not all the time. Sounds like weird science to me. Why would such equipment only be available for such missions? That doesn't make sense in terms of the setting. The player should have the freedom to take the equipment he or she wants to take for a particular mission. That way you also get more variation in terms of play styles. If you really want to include the sensor you could copy Ghost Recon and its enemy indicator. The rough direction (and distance or just one of those elements) is indicated, nothing more. That way you get the info but it's not likely you'll shoot the guy through non-transparent material. You can try but that would alarm the enemy and give him time to evade if you do not hit him instantly. I think it's almost always good to include such risk vs. reward-elements. If you do get the enemy, it can lead to very exciting moments exactly because it wasn't a safe win.