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  1. http://youtu.be/Hy5AEB98HzI
  2. The game will be released this fall on the Xbox LiveĀ® online entertainment network from Microsoft as an arcade game for Xbox 360. a ps3 version is not mentioned if so I'm very disappointed source: http://www.gamershell.com/companies/505_games/1156535.html
  3. Emotional Trailer was awesome and think there should be funny snowman game mode and i'm not joking. So here is the idea 3 snowman vs 6 red sabre soldiers On the map there are a lot off fake snowman placed so its hard to tell who is a player character snowman and who is fake snowman. The red sabre soldiers only get 1 clip or less so that they cant shoot every snowman they see. the snowman only get like knife attack or mybe like 10 bullets. What do you guys think?
  4. Rainbow aint a color
  5. Here is some feedback on the logo. Making the logo green while the game name is red sabre is really weird also the green makes me think is a outdoor shooter like arma. Here I made mockup on how i think the logo should look like.
  6. disappointed there is no fish technology
  7. hey guys post some gear and ill make some more concept art
  8. but she is wearing it underneath her gear. Thanks ill be drawing a boxart concept soon and maybe something with bears lol
  9. red sabre female soldier
  10. the movie taken with liam neeson where kidnappers capture girls drug them and then sell them as prostitutes
  11. Looks like a metal gear map and i like it .
  12. pixel movie I made http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zazo3846LXE&list=UU6CsyqgfMRzQLe-ruybDtSg&index=0&feature=plcp
  13. I took a little break on drawing but mybe ill do female next but for now some basic pmc line art.
  14. Rainbow Six Ravenshield: -Import export -Prison -Presidio -villa -streets Rainbow Six Vegas 1/2 : -lvu campus -villa Socom / Confrontation -desert glory -frost fire -urban wasteland
  15. Well I was think of gameplay concept about darkness like shooting lights out and rooms or hall way with no light source at all. Maps kinda would be designed around this concept let say map has a hall that is completely dark. One way you could navigate trough this hall way is by using night vision or a flashlight. a person that didn't equip night vision goggles or flashlight would completely avoid this section of the map. while a player with night vision or a flashlight would use these sections for flaking tactics.