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  1. Come on in and see what all the hype is about! https://discord.gg/ZsDS5B7
  2. Ground Branch Update! The developers at Blackfoot Studios have been hard at work on Ground Branch. They have a pretty stable working build now. Still lots to do and improve upon though! http://www.groundbranch.com/ Also just wondering how many of you have purchased Ground Branch? Who has not purchased, if so than why not?
  3. Figured I would post an in game screenshot here from Ground Branch
  4. UPDATE: They now have Terrorist hunt in GB Operator Edition! They are dumbed down right now but already the AI is freakin awesome! Very Ghost Recony.
  5. Even if you where defending Ubisoft... To each of their own.
  6. Sure I would be kissing Ubisofts ass and saying nice things about them if they invited me down there to have dinner with some of devs. Also they say they played it down at the studio. I believe that part but don't you know of course Ubisoft would have it running with no bugs and on an optimal level because those peoples first impressions are imperative to their sales. This gimmick has seemed to work and fool so many which is what Ubi had planned from the very beginning. Actions speak louder than words to me. This was nothing more than a publicity stunt and it's working in Ubisoft's favor.
  7. Update: Terrorist Hunt Mode with basic (dumbed down) bots will be in the next update for the Operator Edition build. Available for Co-op or Single Player.
  8. Update: New update available but Terrorist Hunt is still not available although they did add a few things like WIP night vision and laser pointer along with some lighting issues that need to be addressed. Also they have added Depth Field of blur WIP when aiming down your scope.
  9. Not implemented yet but there has been some talk of it showing up in the next dev build Operator Edition first though and then once the bugs are fixed in that then they will update it with the pre-order versions. I'll keep you posted
  10. All still a WIP. Lots more to be added and perfected. Zoombabup the AI guy working in GB having fun with dumbed down bots.
  11. Hey guys Pre-Order keys are going through. Visit http://www.groundbranch.com for more details! Do note though this is not Early Access. As explained in the update it is more of a "Pre-Alpha Early Access"
  12. The Edit is screwed up on my comment. Tried to fix my grammar and it just reverted back to what it was before. Are the devs aware of this issue?
  13. Damn man it was just an opinion. Yes I can be very opinionated sometimes but for good reason. That in game video play is nothing like they showed in the intro video, so yes I will say it again. Those animations are complete crap. I will bring up GB again. They have limited funds and have done very well with animations despite their lack of funding. So if they can't pull off at least half as good as the other game then their is a problem. I have seen how animations are done first hand. Animations play a big part in a tactical shooter and can define how good and how dedicated the team is. If you don't like my bashing other games or other forums then put me on your ignore list then you won't have to see it. grow up dude or mam or what ever. If the developer would get all pissy about something like that then they shouldn't even be in game development. You are going to get criticism no matter where you go, constructive or not. It's the way it is. If that burns you then you have a problem with mainstream people. Grow up and learn to take criticism! It's part of life!
  14. Animations are total garbage.