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  1. The uniform looks badass!
  2. I don't know what they thinking but I have a suspicion that Ubisoft was very busy to recreate this massive open world. There is a night vision effect where Ghosts can turn on/off and everything is very bright but they don't wearing any googles so I assuming this is an early version of the demo, even earlier than demo presentation that was shown at E3 press conference. This game is nowhere near close to the March 7 2017 release and it will be delayed, at least once or twice.
  3. Okay. Thanks for sharing your impressions after playing this demo. I have plenty of questions. 1. How tagging system works? If you mark enemy it can appear through the walls? How is it works? 2. Can you turn off mini-map? 3. Is there lean & peak in this game or only FS swap shoulder mechanic? 4. What's the purpose of making hand signals by Ghosts in Co-op if there is no synchronization kills feature anymore? 5. Are there a random outposts without searching for the intel like in Far Cry games? What other activities we should expect in this open world area?
  4. First impression. I saw gameplay at E3. It feels and looks like MGS5 meets Far Cry. There is automatic tag your enemies/objectives system without map just like MGSV but there is no recoil, no lean, no bullet drop and AI is stupid and broken - at the begining at the stairs the AI just staring the player to get easly killed, and the guy who helped melting people was frozen for a few sec where one of the ghosts got detected at the warehouse and shot everybody without suppressor on - the list goes on. I don't know if difficulty will be the same in the final game but it was way too easy to kill bad guys... Some pros now. I like the way enemy is spotting you without hit detection marker like Future Soldier had and it seems that Ghosts can't stick to the walls which is a welcome change of pace. Keeping futuristic stuff to the bare minimum is also a nice touch. The mission structure kinda reminds me Watch Dogs game where if you're spotted the main villain escaping from the base with reinforcements and you need to chase him and capture or kill which again it can work if it's less scripted. Overall, the AI and SP commanding squad system and what they would need to sacrifice in terms of gameplay is what concerns me the most at the moment, and I think Ubisoft is not aiming on PVP here which is no surprise since Rainbow Six didn't had proper SP campaign - lol maybe they are doing the same but in reverse this time?
  5. Looks interesting. How AI react when they shot you from the distance? Is it instant head shoot kill when you don't see them but they are see you?
  6. Even if we would have got see actual gameplay at E3 that might look promising we don't have any guarantee that some elements will not be gameplay downgraded or removed entirely at the final product. I don't believe Ubisoft publishers anymore until they prove that they have learn from past mistakes, but honestly... who still believes in their change? Not me, but I'm curious how this game ends after final release and if it turns good after many reviews I might pick it up. If it turns out decent I'll wait for lower price before buying it.
  7. I'm not sure what we gonna see, either. I don't know what to think about those guys who are apparently "real ghost recon fans" and were invited to Ubisoft studio. I don't know those people and talking on internet doesn't prove anything to me. I suggest to wait for E3 and first gameplay because what DanHibiki said: we don't know anything from gameplay perspective, (we didn't seen any actual gameplay) apart from promises wirtten on wall of text from official websites.
  8. Especially running animation for dynamic entry is not synchronized.
  9. GBC, try to educating yourself with how game developing works this days in big industry first. You see, even if Christian will convince publishers to work on GRAW they wouldn't give him full freedom becase they want compete with big fps on the market, even if he would be Creative Director again. This is how it works nowadays.
  10. I bet that another triple A GRAW would be linear or open world mess with lots of modern standard features that destroyed this Tom Clancy franchise. I honestly don't want GRAW sequel, prequel or whatever... This is not the same publisher back in the gold days.
  11. Uff... thank you I was worried they we're lost into the ashes because not only I posted some good ideas but a bunch of people aswell.
  12. Rocky, are those ideas from issue tracker was saved by Serellan before you remove? There was a lot of good ideas which I wouldn't want to lose.
  13. Multiplayer it can look like some sort 8vs8 PVP Cartel people against Spec Ops guys with objectives around the map to complete if your team wanna win. If this game will end with some sort of solid Ghost Recon experience I might check it out this GR: Wildlands because it showed promise for SP mode that you will complete the same missions on different (hopefuly not too much scripted & less hollywood) ways. Well see, they have lot's of time an the game can still change through development.