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  1. Sounds like a suicide letter. That kind of upsets me to be honest. I don't like being an "idea" guy but... certain titles have been doing real well. As "supposed to be" tactical shooters. AAA Though. You cant match that on a small staff, small budget, big expectation title. I think I have a solution though. All that aside. If you got some real crap to deal with. Do take care of it. If that debt is the issue, go bankrupt, Start fresh.
  2. Can't see to much happening with Epsilon at its current state. Who wants to give this title a budge by sheer man power? I know you tac game modders out there are thirsty to work on something. Maybe we can twist Serellans nipples to give us some assets to start with.
  3. Fairly dead around here. BigFry is right though tactical shooters arent dead their just not beingmade with AAA budgets and quality. GhostRecon is more like Farcry. Rainbow six is scary. Serellan projects just couldnt come to fruition. Ground branch is never going to be finished. H hour etc etc... Let me win the powerball tomorrow. I'll put together a studio and drop a huge budget for it. Problem I've noticed with a lot of titles these days. Be it mods, indie, or full on games by top publishers is how scattered the gameplay actually feels. Im throughly convinced the issues arise in the technical aspects of the desinging. These engines and graphics require a lot of manpower and stead fast lead developers to coordinate all the various teams of developers. Serellan did good. It was an easy pre alpha stage. I remember working with unreals rival engine pre alpha. It was fairly rough. Still awesome though. Personally, I would drop UDK. I've never liked the engine. To me its made so many games feel completely the same. Yuk. Serellan chin up man. Tactical shooters arent dead yet. If your still going to continue. Now is the time to analyze and adjust.
  4. Neo nazis in America? Ambitious plot. I could dig it. Dig deep into the Angst of common Americans. It could be a really great story. Have some old disgruntled Vietnam SF types directing the attacks and young punks carying it out. FBI style bug placements, hrt, and counter terrorism raids.
  5. The good news is... Serellan is part Terminator now. Hes going to be harder to take out in the future. I would like to see another crack at a tactical FPS. Takedown wasnt the ticket but we know you still have the skill to lead a group of developers.
  6. I went to war and all I thought about was game design..... seriously. Not at that exact moment but upon reflection hours, days, months,and years after. My brain is set in overdrive with ideas, visuals, feelings, sounds.... I wish I could help direct a development team for a couple years. Ohh how I would tranform the first person tactical shooter. Sorry im kind of ranting and dreaming at the same time.
  7. I am suprised with some of the choices given in the survey. Its not exactly what I was expecting. First, dont power tool your face off Serellan. Hope your therapy goes good. Would I fund you? No... im a consumer not an investor. Dont take this poll to serious. I think something you need to remember is you went full on out on advertising. You juggled a studio, and tried using a bottle necked development. Time money etc ran out... blah you know what happened. You do whatever is best for your company. This is SERELLAN after all. You want AAA titles. Get AAA investors. You want projects that start really small and are built by a community after? Thats all on you. You had the vision for takedown, you worked hard. You decide where your studio and titles go. As for me. I have always said. Raw emotion of war/combat. If you can make it. That is what will sell. Absolutely no studio has done it yet in a realistic manner. I SHOULD GET PTSD PLAYING THIS NEW GAME IF YOU MAKE IT! cheers.... pass that good stuff terminator
  8. Pc games mostly suck thats why consoles do so well. Not many people want to build rigs or pay for expensive parts With less game titles and usually buggier games. The reason why PC gets the cold shoulder? The average gamer is just using it as a toy. To kill some time. Mash some buttons and forget about work.
  9. From the newguy? Thanks lol
  10. I'm going to speculate the budget was running out (not gone) but the remaining budget was left to allow some patchwork and what not to be completed. 505 may not have wanted to keep putting money into the project... but who knows. Its all secret squirrel stuff. None the less, Sign me up as a creative director for Take down 2.
  11. No doubt rocky. GR mods would be lost without you. Including mine. Im 3rd on weapons mods on gr.net
  12. I have 2nd most downloaded weapons mod on there. Dang, I wonder if they knew a 3rd version came out lol.
  13. Should be okay. I love animation. Thanks for the helping out.
  14. More information is always good. All im really after is Reworking animations to be more authentic (walking runnin etc...) and the user interface. Having the original rigs would be most benificial.
  15. Anychance we can get a copy of the takedown rig?