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  1. v1.0.6.4_11564 (am i meant to have this version?) radial menu seems to be bugged for me, using middle mouse button causes mouse sensitivity to reset but leaves base number in settings as I last left it. I keep lowering the setting but eventually hit 0.1 sensitivity while sensitivity feels like it's at max. Could be to do with my mouse and logitec software, as some applications ignore that I've rebound the middle mouse button as "generic button 3" and instead try use the default as either 'application switcher' or 'middle button'. Mouse is an 'Anywhere MX'
  2. I'm a fan of contextual icons on objects. You approach a door and a small ring of options will appear when you are close enough. Hold down your action button, drag stick in direction of the action you want and release action button to execute.
  3. I've sent a pm to Terry, but will add my mark here as well. Can I help, pretty please with an AR on top?
  4. I like it. Games gone gold. Someone contact total biscuit about a review copy, tell him it has a fov slider in it.
  5. 5 years you say... hmm. http://sploid.gizmodo.com/big-dog-robot-has-been-deployed-by-the-us-army-for-the-1604647456 http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/BigDog
  6. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the year to come for you and yours.
  7. Regarding Epic, it's not that they can throw piles of cash and people at a project like yours. It's that in this case they actively are, and are moving quickly to a release. Wasn't trying to be insulting.
  8. I'd have played it, although I think Epic have something on the way that would pretty much crush it. //edit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortnite //edit https://www.fortnite.com/ okay so not exactly the same style but it'll be the audience you're after.
  9. Just, wow. Good luck with the surgery mate.
  10. I do see a technical headache where shadows are involved. At what point would you start to draw them? Are they sliced off at the vision boundary, do they fade in, or just pop into existence when the object arrives in view?
  11. Maybe desaturated/grey scale colours pushing out to fog to indicate the world we can't see. Added to what Oz said with NPC/objectives/opponents not being drawn or indicated at all. PS. I know this project is pretty much closed but I like thinking about it. Plus there is always the prospect of future projects.
  12. I'd like to know if the shadow problem from UE3 still exists in UE4, and if walk lean could still be exploited. As for Serellan messing around with UE4, I guess if you have compatible assets to experiment with, those are the assets you use. I don't read anything more into it than that.
  13. It was released in a small window under the shadow of Arma3 and BF4, which meant it needed to have a faultless launch as far as connections and load-outs. With the red flag sent up by Total Biscuit, most my friends invested their time in the other two games. Even when you get things fixed it's hard to bring people back and in my little corner of the internet that's what has happened. My friends have said no and that's that, so now I just play solo. Timing is everything and I think that's where this project got sunk.
  14. -start sarcasm- Sure, because Sony and Epic are just handing out licences. -end sarcasm-
  15. Tragic news and thank you for sharing. A wrap up of the development experience for Takedown will be good reading. Any hint as to where Serellan will look to for its next project?