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  2. I keep clicking the "Technical Testing Group" section, hoping that I got in. Guess it will come with time.
  3. Team Rubicon. I am part of Team Rubicon Region 3. Moore Oklahoma after the Hurricane.
  4. Yes! Next Gen graphics there!!
  5. Looking forward to hearing more on Epsilon!
  6. Thanks for the update. With everything that happened during development, I am surprised the game ever made it out. You and your team pushed through adversity and got things done, as best as you could. You and your team should hold your heads high and take the lessons learned from Takedown and put them towards your next development. I for one look forward to see what Serellan LLC comes up with next. Bravo Zulu to you and your team!
  7. Or they could have gotten the $19.00 Month subscription. And are just testing it out. But I am hoping it is what you suggested.
  8. Takedown: Red Sabre is $0.99 RIGHT NOW on Steam!!! That's 80% OFF! Get it now before time runs out! http://store.steampowered.com/app/236510/
  9. Added new server name and the map rotation to first post.
  10. Thanks for showing up and hanging out. Maybe next Friday we can get more people on. **There is a poll at the top of this Post. Next Friday we will play the game mode that gets the most votes.**
  11. It's on Sale. 50% off ($7.49 and $22.49 for the four Pack) AUTUMN SALE! Offer ends December 3rd
  12. Server - US - FRIDAY NIGHT FIREFIGHTS - Attack/Defend - Map Rotation - Weekly Map Rotation - Biolab: Lobby Facility: Cooling Pond HQ: Upstairs Night HQ: Upstairs Radar Base: Research Cargo Ship: Superstructure Killhouse Breach: Center Time- 8pm EST Voice- Razer Comms (Send friend request to "RogueDoc") or VOIP Steam Name - RogueDoc All are welcome!!
  13. Also I am trying Razer Comms as an alternative for clans or gamers that don't have a budget for TS. Add "RogueDoc" if you want to try it out.