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  1. Been doing allot of r6v2 on my old ps3 lately. Terrorist hunts and co-op campaigns online, Sad to hear this game won't have a co-op campaign. Hopefully I can get a lot of enjoyment from the terr hunt
  2. are there any plans to bring it to console in the future?
  3. Like cookies?, or.fun sized candy bars?
  4. They should have stayed with ue3.. they had things worked out, even a hostage extract game mode. Single player campaign was supposed to be in the game also.. starting all over again in ue4 was a huge mistake.. if it ain't broke, fine fix it..
  5. Whats this " Socom " game y'all are talking about? I tried the beta to Unsocom 4 by zipper interactive, and it sucked. I see why they went out of business. Kinda like the guys why made Haze free radical. Too bad for that though, time splitters was good. And they were working on star wars battlefront 3. With flying from the surface of a planet to space and dogfighting seamlessly.. This new one, no space dogfights and you have cod unlock bs system... not to mention the horrible over the shoulder view.
  6. I backed both projects, and I think it's ironic how Tom scoffed at serellan, but look at all the issues Sof studios has been having. I was wearing my takedown shirt last e3 and H-Hour hat in support of both, even though I was told is take some heat for the takedown shirt, I said I'm proud to wear it, serellan has integrity and principle which I respect, aa I don't respect all the pomp gimmicks and flash of the big studios who ignore their fans. The game had issues but serellan admitted to them and tried to fix them rather than ignore or lie about them like another studio.. Hers a pic for laughs
  7. Good old starship troopers
  8. Looks pretty hardcore with all that splatter on the wall
  9. Any chance of switching views? Some of us prefer 3rd person. I played star wars battlefront in both views depending on the map, I prefer counter strike go in 3rd person. With every single game available being 1st person only, a 3rd view is very nice.. of course I'm guessing there won't be tps option, just throwing my $.02 out there
  10. Got my takedown shirt and H-Hour hat on
  11. I'm not on Twitter
  12. Will Serellan be in the 505 area or will you guys just be around ?
  13. I agree. i hope serellan succeeds in their future endeavors. i respect the sacrifices and efforts they went through to go after this project
  14. I'm going again this year. Why? There's nothing I'm looking forward to and i don't ownn nor plan on getting a " next gen " console . I'm having my brother build me a gaming. pc.. I get in free and its a fun 3 days to spend with my brother i see once a year.. anyone else going hit me up. i got to meet Christian. and No Fear last year. pretty cool guys.
  15. Mine is mr schnookumz but I need to renew my live acct, I'll be on march 10th