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  1. I really haven't been following the game that much for the past few months and I was wonder what the current state of the game/company is?
  2. I only now noticed the Serellan logo. I kept wondering why you had a pic of a blue candycane. I guess we wont know who won the Razer gifts till after the holidays?
  3. Weird... The only problem I have on the forums is, "DarkSynopsis", is always online when I am. I'm starting to think he's my evil twin... ------------------------------- If you want to make sure you're entirely signed out of the site, you could delete the cookie. Deleting the cookie is perfectly safe, your only deleting a personalize key that forums gave you and it will regenerate itself if you sign into the site again. If you don't want to remain signed in after closing the browser, make sure to [uncheck] the "remember me" box when signing in. This will make the cookie only valid for your current browsing session up until you close the window. Also [EDIT], Can a mod move this to "Site Feedback / Forum Help"?
  4. I thought this took place in the future... Shouldn't they be using mp7's?
  5. No idea... I personally don't 'reddit' that much so maybe I'm missing something. --I also, I tried to use their "contact us" but I'm sure I'll just be ignored.
  6. I tried posting it to r/Games and now everything I've ever posted got downvoted by one... Yay, reddit we did it! [EDIT] I guess I work for you guys since mine was removed too; Self promoting.
  7. Tells me that link has already been posted then it shows me your blocked self promotion thread in r/Games. I'll try submitting to r/Gaming again and see if it shows up this time. Also, This seem like Terry work... What has that bum been up to?
  8. I tried but it disappeared... Gawd, You make one post about time-travelers forcing Brad Pitt to marry Angelina Jolie cause she carried the BBT (Billy Bob Thornton) type of herpes that saved us from the WarZ Zombie and I still get downvoted on everything I post.
  9. @EpsilonTheGame/status/656950884534845440 ^^^^ If you guys want to retweet it!
  10. MechWarrior has TrackIR support? Wow... I stopped playing when they added jamming to the UAC 5's -- I couldn't arty across the map anymore. As far as I can tell... There isn't a plugin for trackIR support with unreal engine without someone at Serellan writing it. So, my guess is doubtful they'll ever add it in.
  11. LOL MILLIONS -- Who needs them? Gawd damn, that looks like an expensive cast.
  12. I'd love to give my input but my GPU decided it wanted to become a $300 paperweight.
  13. Hmm... Not sure who it could be... (/sarcasm)
  14. TROLOLOLOL EDIT :: Is that supposed to be "modern body armor" instead of "moder"?