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  1. cheers sorry to hear about your accident last year. Happy new year to you! here's looking forward.
  2. played a couple of rounds. It has a big community of players at the moment, feels kinda serious some people really know how to radio chatter if you find a good room with squad leaders and stuff. Game Shooting fundamentals are solid so it seems. But interiors are just empty box rooms like OPFDR It seems AMD machines are getting a rough deal on performance at mo so beware. I have an annoying 2 second black screen most time i scope in which i need to config the ini resolution file for. so there are bugs it is early access. however i haven't been caught on scenery, although you can walk straight up rock with no affect to walking speed. Liked the fact you have limited mags like takedown, not like graw or OPFDR seems like i can swap em put cant seem to select half filled mags at mo. However for the time being the milsim community are round it like bees to honey. But at 30 dollars for early and prob 40 or more for release i think the gen community are going to come hard down on it, i aint sure its going to offer value for money but it does provide an experience for those who are into that scene. Ground branch seems more detailed (maps) at moment (probably alot smaller though) with better effects and they seem like they are chasing same market. however in pvp, time will tell i think squads will hold its own due to 50 vs 50 large map combat it may be enough to diffreniate that product
  3. wasnt sure about ghost mode. I prefer to hit the map without ever giving my position away where possible (sound isolate/silent the whole map). to than end ghost was a waste. alot of the targets are too close and the empty lung zoom i disabled it was messing with my moving targets tracking. started playing on hardest setting so i had to relearn how to shoot with binoculars and compensating for wind, whilst sound isolating my shoots. sometimes i would sit there for 10 minutes waiting for just the right time. I liked it for that (anal retentive). but most people just hit 60-100m shots and ghost which i think does the game injustice. My Favorite shot - hitting a grenade on a troop belt whose in a passive group all of whom are marked and sound isolating the shot. however poor xp (relative to headshoting every target) plus the fact it alerts everyone to start patrol sweeps negates the skill of the shot. favorite map:- Airfield, or the mountain base I swear they licenced splinter cell conviction game engine they are so similar. what else have you guys played this past year you advocate or which games communities where good but you dumped? weird titles welcome
  4. I put a ton of very patient time on single player sniper elite v3. Loved it, will definitely buy the next one. Pros spending time marking up enemies and then going for the furthest distance i can still shoot them at. whilst using sound masking and shooting on the respiratory pause (which i learned on these forums) for good technique and the empty lung bonus. Cons the ai going back about there Business after about a min. odd bugs here and there. Also pacman championship edition DX+ is a awesome game on steam sale. but i guess i am that old. Bought a racing wheel for pc T300RS love asseto Corsa handling, dirt rally (PS dont buy assetto Corsa on console the mods and extra content availble to pc really make that game better you would feel ripped off on console) will consider need for speed when released on pc. Call of Juarez Gunslinger should be a buy if you like red dead revolver (not redemption) and bulletstorm, cheap, I like it nice narrative storytelling, its a speed running game kinda! Shoulda got hooked on hitman absolution but i just couldnt get into it, its probably not a bad game but doesnt grab me. Tales of zesteria isnt as good as previous games OR "my balls dropped" and I grew up. (given pacman above you decide) Would loved to play Yakuza 5 on playstation now but they only released it PS3, I aint buying a ps3 for 1 game and seriously released a ps3 game in dec 2015 why bother! how are they going to recoupe money on that. take care I go off and try squads for alittle bit
  5. bought it couldnt match make on walker Assaut, played smaller team games thought it was é"*%ing BS, Found out EA had a 48hr refund policy and swiftly executed that right. I never played the beta! PS ###### happened to community on origin, after I returned SWBF i checked the pc stats for titanfall and bf4 and it was grimm reading. seems like if it aint on steam you dont have a community.
  6. I bought it! its downloading looks like Graw and OPF had a baby. came in here to see the chatter from a trusted community
  7. Hi all passing through as I just bought squad wanted to see what opinions were. Well I dropped off the grid quite sometime ago. move to San Fran had a baby so gaming took a back seat, and kinda continues to do so. You know when there is screaming its time to down controller and walk away. anyhow I still play, mostly driving games, I missing driving! I may post in the gaming thread see you around
  8. I am not a cod lover, but i did find tf did a good job of not ###### me off after 35mins. sure its fast paced but it seems difficult to lockdown maps...HOWEVER that was in the first week of release i haven't been back to it due to my move. but the fact i got to lvl49 and but in 20hours is saying something COD BO2 i put in about 3 hours before i got shot of it i think..MW3 about level 31 both games i had really high stress levels. of course the parkour thing is a lot easier with the run switched on always in the options menu. I tried using the mouse and keyboard on pc but trying to wall hang and just deal with all that was just to much for me so i switched to xbox controller for pc play made the game a lot better at the start.
  9. Shifu: Master! I have... it's very bad news! Oogway: Ah, Shifu. There is just news. There is no good or bad..........That IS bad news Condolences on all levels pro and personal. Well I have immigrated from Switzerland to San Francisco here in the California its been a busy busy few months. The tiny bit of good news is that who do i contact to update my address as the shipping costs must be lower!
  10. Honestly it's not that simple. I know four people who can't host and have people join via direct ip. And the steam invite won't work either. It's really not as simple as open ports. If you don't believe me start a poll asking them since patch four got released. Ask forum users here how often can they get connected. Do you see your server in the steam list. Because most folk I know just can't. I know that patch has changed nothing for me. I even turned off my firewall at pc for 15mins and that didn't help. What I need is someone who can host and have people join without himachi. That way I can try figure out what the problem is at my end. Until I do that or a new patch comes I have stopped looking for bugs because I am at the mercy of quick match and friends to conduct testing.
  11. Just read for all those people overseas or in different countries that BF4 will ship and authenticate language via origin and ip detection for language support.this means that when authentication occurs the game will in my case only install the german laungage edition. and so far as I know the retail edition supports only the german language set here. so I am waiting to see what news follows from people who buy the game. In mainland Europe and what problems they encounter if they want to play in the English. EDIT 1600cet I just bought the uk edition from gamers gate. They sent me a code which I put in origin germany. And it gave me the language options, after I selected English us. Then that a epic 2&half hours download for 24 gb. I can play bf4. It's not out till tommorow in Europe but I am playing it now! It loads the test range and I am playing the campaign. And it is in English. Soon I will see if I can play multiplayer. And see if I get rank for it. Will feed back soon. Yeah I can play multiplayer but I am not sure I am getting rank for it. Plus I spawned under the map and had to exit the game.
  12. Well if Nintendo re-released the snes the funny thing would be it would probably out sell the wii u.
  13. I didn't hear ac 4 delayed! Only watchdogs and the crew I am still waiting to decide on pc. Also need to see the language support here in Switzerland for retail copies here.
  14. The poll is not meant to debate what console, as that will start off fanboy flame war. So it's your choice to state your preference, but it isn't required for this poll. I usually get caught up in the hype of a new console launch and I am usually a early adaptor. However I am not feeling it this year from anybody. Maybe I am too old now for this BS, or maybe the launches are crap compared to previous years.
  15. Hey I don't mind talking a couple of people on by myself. I use tactics one being the playspace second being a bug. I was in facility and switched on my flashlight knowing it would shine on the other side of the wall and door, I switched it off and I flanked to about 20 m away from that door to cover the other I cased they flanked and low and behold two guys came charging in faceing the wrong direction, looking in the flashlight direction. The kill zone I set up made it easy to pick them off. And I won the round. Probably my best pvp td moment. Of course for every one of them there are five that don't, or you come across a massive group.