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  1. I only have one thing to suggest... KEEP IT TACTICAL. That is all.
  2. Tango down MISSION FAILED A hostage has been killed ......WHAT?! HOW?!
  3. I, unfortunately, think this is probably the way things will be going in the future. Much less care for customers after the money has been "cha-chinged".
  4. I don't own the game nor have I ever played it (not for any reason), but this makes me want to buy it now... http://www.pcgamer.com/mod-of-the-week-kicking-doors-rainbow-six-style/
  5. Rogue Spear-type tactical shooter/SWAT-type tactical shooter.
  6. I'll be the first to ask: Do you plan on releasing the poll results?
  7. I fear that they're too far along with the new title to change anything significantly; especially something like realism. They would have some serious redesigning to do. Maybe I'm wrong - I'm certainly no developer/programmer. However, I'm just about as pessimistic as possible when it comes to big companies designing games. Ubi has way too long of a track-record of ruining a series for the "new-aged", attention-lacking gamer. Highly unfortunate is that the Rainbow Six series was included in this record.
  8. So I'm playing a game of Terrorist Hunt on single player when my internet goes out, and I notice this in the prison. I guess I never really stopped to look at it that closely. The one on the left maybe looks like a Mosin Nagant, but the one on the right........? Opinions?
  9. K-16, I have to admit that I chose mostly the same things that you chose on the survey; although, I didn't chose AI to be the most important thing. I don't think anyone here would feel "pestered" or "annoyed" by your comments. This is the type of stuff that Serellan is looking to know from its supporters. I agree with you on the subject of Pi. I can't really relate to a futuristic setting and with robots doing all of the fighting. That never appealed to me on any level. As a matter of fact (if I'm being honest and why wouldn't I be), I look at those games and just totally pass over them no matter what kind of price Steam has it for. I never have the desire to play them as I just don't see the attraction to my interests in gaming. I also chose a game like Rainbow Six 1-3 (Rogue Spear). This was, in my opinion, THE series that set the tactical FPS foundation. I still find myself going back to play it and have the same feeling of excitement, adventure, anxiety, reward, etc. etc. etc., as I did the first time I played them. Maybe it's nostalgia, or maybe it is indeed because these games provided REPLAYABILITY to an extreme. I also chose Kickstarter (only because it's more welknown, but I'm no expert in this) and to fund a game that is more complete, and here's why: I agree with you that there are FAAAR to many early-access games available now. I understand that this helps with funding the game's development, but I also believe this is FAR to frequently the reason games aren't finished. I also believe this is responsible for people not being interested in the finished product (the thing which we all wait for for years) due to playing it early on when the game isn't finished. I, personally, am tired of seeing early-access products and am not supporting any until I know for sure that there will be a finished product to be excited about. One final thing, K-16. There's no reason for you to stay quiet. I believe Serellan has been one of the most cooperative companies that actually takes advice/suggestions from its supporters and truly wants to give them what they want, if it doesn't stray too far from the original plan.
  10. 99 times out of a hundred you don't even have the same developers from the original game working on the title that is "going back to its roots".
  11. Agreed. Ever since Tom Clancy sold the rights for Ubi to use his name on a title but had no say-so in what the game was like, they all went downhill (with the exception of Raven Shield and its expansions which were the first ones released after this happened).
  12. Just wanted to drop a line and show my support. I haven't been on the forums in QUITE some time (life happens), but I'll try to show my face more often. Serellan LLC, I just wanted to say that I support you in your future projects, but I sure hope to see that AMAZING and MEMORABLE tactical shooter we all hope for soon someday.
  13. I really don't like her music, but this Chat Roulette version is HILARIOUS!
  14. Praying for swift healing, Andy. I hope you're back to normal ASAP.