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  1. Nice I like this art syle and hope for some good single player missions!
  2. Nice Welcome, Craig
  3. I really like your concept for your next game, Serellan It looks like you learned from TD some right things. SP, gadgets... I'm in!
  4. Will we get more decent single player?
  5. Happy holidays all!
  6. This
  7. Thanks, Christian for this video Hope to hear about your next game in the future
  8. Dear Bad Luck, please stay away from Christian
  9. Get well, Christian! Waiting for updates
  10. Still waiting for Medal of Duty: Recon Warfighter
  11. Waiting for post mortem video I really hope you will make next game
  12. I think you guys could do better on STEAM Early Access route with next game.
  13. Are you planning some contest for map makers? It could be fun
  14. STEAM updates your games by default.
  15. Isn't IShotSamFisher known for trolling behavior?