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  1. Nice! I haven't caught one over 4lbs yet this season.
  2. I'm not the least bit apprehensive. If i'd had the $ would've funded the entire project.
  3. Whoa!!! That was cool. Thanks Tinker.
  4. A calm, intelligent, level-headed person doesn't care about titles. Only about the game at hand.
  5. Keep overhead low and leave out the VOIP and let the users come up with there own.
  6. Why should there be titles at all? Just for the spammers I think. Some of us don't post much, quality over quantity. The only titles needed are Admin, Moderator, Kickstarter. If titles were going to be used why not the join date? That way we know the people that have been here longest.
  7. Thanks for that Serellan, I can't believe that it's even discussed.
  8. My one true love the rest have just been affairs... Ghost Recon
  9. Been gone all day. Looked this morning and we had 2400+ donators, get home and we have 5300+!!! I almost fainted!! Grats to you all and thanks for helping make my night.
  10. That's no 7lb er. I want to see the big one.
  11. PM sent John
  12. You just lost all of your old school cred with that one MMF.
  13. Real, but not VBS real.