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  1. My thoughts as well. It's interesting, but shady as hell. At worst, this is malicious. At best, it's good old-fashioned piracy.
  2. http://bluedrake42.com/servers/swat-4-the-stetchkov-syndicate/ So this came up during a conversation, apparently he's some sort of Youtuber and put up SWAT 4 for free. Haven't downloaded because I'm not sure if this is legitimate, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  3. Holy ###### 40 bucks to preorder. I've signed up for the beta, so we'll see how well it handles then. Who knows, maybe they're pulling a Watch Dogs on us, since as far as I can tell it's running on Unity.
  4. Ah man, didn't notice the Uplay part. It doesn't bother me as much as it used to, but I really should have noticed. I may not have bought it yet, but let this be a lesson on reading the fine print.
  5. Tom Clancy Humble Bundle right now. https://www.humblebundle.com/ You really can't beat it for the price, highly recommend if you haven't got them yet. Plus you get access to the Siege beta if that interests you.
  6. In the main menu there's a 'Learn' tab, in which you can select the 'Virtual Arsenal' At this point you can customize your character as you see fit, with everything the game has in terms of weapons, clothing, magazines, attachments and gear. You can save and load you personal loadouts, and if you want to use it in a mission just click 'Export' and it'll save on your clipboard and you can paste in on to your units. Far easier than "this addweapon rifle_mx_etc; this addmagazine blah_6.5_blahblah; this add gear etc.." At the top middle of the Arsenal you can also go to the Virtual Garage (IIRC it's a garage symbol next to the pistol?), where you can also check out the vehicles and customize them to a fairly limited extent. The thing with Arma is that you aren't really told what to do because you can pretty much do anything if you know how to, and that can be both horribly frustrating and rewarding.
  7. Soon, so I'm told. As soon as tomorrow if we're lucky.
  8. I suppose I should leave this here too. Looks like they really buffed the heartbeat sensor, for better or for worse.
  9. Morally ambiguous can definitely make for some interesting scenarios. One of the biggest regressions of Far Cry 3 was in my opinion the background dialogue of the enemy pirates. In Far Cry 2 you'd have some mercs talking about how they were forced to do this, or how they were paying for their kids, or they just found out that they'd be fathers etc. in grossly exaggerated Afrikaaner accents. Plus, recreating that scene in Full Metal Jacket with the SVD, remembering that they were just like you but on the wrong side made for a far more interesting and immersive game. Far Cry 3's background dialogue could easily be summarized as "Oh damn that Jason Brody! I enjoy killing innocents because I am bad guy!" Anyways, here's an idea: having no choice but to engage the local SWAT/military team due to a misunderstanding/difference in agenda would make for some interesting scenarios. Imagine being in a 3-way firefight between an international criminal's cartel (or whatever international variant you prefer) and a SWAT team unaware of your presence. ######storm incoming. But please don't make it too morally ambiguous, I don't particularly want to recreate the Waco siege or have morality shoved in my face for actions in game ("Do you feel like a hero", Spec Ops: The Line?).
  10. Maybe this will mark the reappearance of Red Sabre, most logically as support units, guarding perimeters or other PSC things. That, or Epsilon vs Red Sabre when/if PvP gets implemented.
  11. Merry (almost) Christmas to y'all, Have a great time and stay safe.
  12. I'm guessing they're both M14s with magazines removed. Makes the most sense to me, as they seem to be the most common "movie prison guard" rifle. Disclaimer: I have never been to prison before, so take this with a grain of salt.
  13. I have a lot of respect for people who make the games they want to play, even if they fail in the eyes of many. I can't and sure as hell won't tell you what to do, but for what it's worth, you guys have my support. If you guys want try to have another go at it, taking in the legitimate feedback from TD, then go for it. Hopefully you'll win back some people. As for my main gripes, they would be AI and also the style. I'm not sure how to explain it, but it was kind of like you tried to go for the R6 feel a bit too far. It'd be great to see what sort of "fresh" spin you guys could have put on the genre with things you thought would be great to see in a tac shooter. PS Get well soon Christian, sorry for the lateness. PPS those guys. 'em with an ice pick, no one deserves what you got. Edit: Damn grammar.
  14. Interesting ideas, I kinda wish I came here more often. Though I personally prefer the MGS/Arma route like the idea of the crosshairs reflecting the weapon's sighting systems. Could yield some interesting results when using red dot sights, which would help give them the advantage you have using them in real life (which games don't/can't represent). While I'm randomly expressing ideas about this, how about a "helmet cam"-type third person? It could fix the whole "being able to see around walls" and stuff. On the other hand, being stuck to one cheap, low FOV camera attached to only one side of you would also mean that you'd lose lots of your view, especially what's on the other side of your helmet.
  15. Don't forget we still have that rumored Michael Bay futuristic Ghost Recon movie that I doubt is actually a thing. Interestingly enough as I'm typing this on my dad's PC he's looking over my shoulder, telling me that 'Clear and Present Danger' was arguably the first Ghost Recon movie, though the they were never explicitly named Ghosts. It was very much in the style of the first Ghost Recon, he says, in terms of atmosphere. Anyways, I don't really know what to think of this. It has the potential to be a good game, and more importantly a good R6 game. However, as with many things, with great potential, comes great potential to ###### up. Also, "For sure we're going to offer something that fits with Rainbow Six" when it comes to weapons. I hope that means MP5/10, probably the most used weapon in my Rainbow Six arsenal.