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  1. Wow! Great update!
  2. ALT-Z will toggle this behavior
  3. Like dracflamloc, we had a great time last night with a small group in coop. The game is really forcing us to work together and communicate. You'll die soon if you don't. The three of us still didn't manage to finish biolab, but we're getting there! We'll hopefully get 5 or 6 players next time and hopefully have better results to show for
  4. Yep, mission objectives and plenty of bad ass tangos.
  5. Just click a game in the play > join. I had some NAT issues at first, but managed to join a game afterwards.
  6. Just tried single player in biolab while waiting for my friends and got obliterated in the first room after coming down the stairs from the roof! I can still feel the tangos laughing at me... So better slow things down, hehe. Great to see the AI penalize rookie PMCs!
  7. Pledged http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/2126706329