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  1. Saiga would be awesome, especially if it has non-lethal projectile options. (I'm assuming here we're talking about the shotgun and not just some generic Saiga brand rifle)
  2. I laughed way too hard, that said I demand you use these when you're making the "Manly Death: Heterosexual Warfare" -expansion for Epsilon
  3. Happy to help, Takedown alpha was so much fun
  4. Hey I've seen Charlie somewhere before! Sorry guys, I couldn't resist it, I'm going to shame in the corner now...
  5. Now this seems really nice, I love how you kept all the nice colors Takedown had and are adding all the nice stuff that was missing. I really hope you guys have more time and less misfortune this time around. Get hype everyone! And thanks for not giving up!
  6. Having worked in a number of game projects, most of them successful and some not so, all I can say is I can fully identify with all those problems and I'm truly thankful you did what you did instead of giving up. TD wasn't the game I hoped it would be, but it's still a solid and most of all a fun game. The core worked flawlessly and the MP was awesome, if people just played it instead of calling it a piece of crap they could have had fun. My biggest gripe and the only thing I would call bad about TD was the UI. It was quite clunky and confusing to use, and most of the time it was very unclear if your changes took effect and some parts of it just looked really cheap (I'm looking at you, load-out screen). It wasn't all bad though, I liked the clean and sleek design, but the clunkiness combined with the few-but-bad bugs at launch must have putt off many potential players. I have no regrets supporting you and I'm passionate about the future, I loved the post-mortem and I really appreciate the time you have put in being in touch with us. Keep up the good work guys!
  7. There are many games that excel in one category but there's only one game I have played in the last 10 years that does everything well; Metro Last Light. 1. Weapon Sounds: This is something that really works in the game, weapons give a sharp snap when you fire them instead of the Hollywood cannon-explosion you hear in 90% of games. 2. Weapon Handling: Like it should be, you hit what you aim, but your aim sways. Weapons recoil just enough to feel like they're weapons instead of peashooters. 3. Effect on Target: One of the best I've seen. The enemies react to getting shot instead of not giving a . Also the armor is real armor, it's not more HP, if you hit a plate, you see the plate deflect the bullet and the target unharmed. This really does emphasize aiming carefully. 4. Weapon Appearance (XJ13): Weapons look like weapons, better yet, they look like they're used war-torn pieces of equipment and not something brand new like in 90% of games. Reloading looks sleek, but isn't over the top tacticool badass acrobatism. Why I chose this game is, that it's the first game that has really given me the feeling of a firefight. It's loud, fast, brutal and confusing. Pretty much a perfect PTSD simulator. Now here's some games that deserve to get a honorary mention: 1. Weapon Sounds: BF3 & Arma 3, these are pretty much the only games that have really realistic sounds. 2. Weapon Handling: RO2, love the ballistic modeling and weapon behaviour, one of the games that really needs you to know the gun to hit stuff. 3. Effect on Target: (I'm going to get assraped for this but) CoD4, it's the best game in giving you feedback on your hits. Shoot someone on their leg, they won't die but will fall over and stumble, shoot someone on the shoulder and they will stagger like hell, the death animations really adapt to the movement of the character, it has a really smooth and clean transition between recorded animations and ragdolls. Sometimes I feel half of their budget went into enemy animations. No hit seems wimpy even though the weapons feel like crap.
  8. They're both CQB, because you Battle in Close Quarters and you deploy the same tactics. But that's the only thing in common with them. Military CQB doesn't limit itself to clearing buildings only, you clear the streets and the immediate surroundings of the area too, thus the term "Urban Warfare". Instead of doing stuff slow and clean, you move as fast and as aggressively as possible, killing anything and blowing up everything as you go. You don't stop to think if it's a civilian or an enemy silhouette you see in a window, you just shoot because otherwise you get shot. This is true, like my lieutenant said "if you can't feel the boner of the guy behind you, you're doing it wrong"
  9. http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-XInput-Wrapper-for-DS3-and-Play-com-USB-Dual-DS2-Controller Works like a charm, no disabling of driver signing required.
  10. I'm not sure if I had said this already but:
  11. Well that escalated quickly!
  12. Spoiler alert: Slight assburgerism. I can't provide you that, touché my friend. But I'm pretty sure I remember majority being pro-"NO SCORES OR VISUAL AIDES" and that seemed to translate as "no playerlist or any way to identify others in-game" even if we didn't mean that.
  13. http://darthno.ytmnd.com/
  14. Absolutely not. They already released it, if they now go "Lol we were just kidding it's an early access now" people will see it as damage control and that's the worst possible thing to happen now. If anything they should just take any negativity like a man and fix what needs to be fixed, and that's what they are pretty much doing now.