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  1. Look forward to it
  2. Got a suggestion for you - Why not look into the "Automap" feature that older games such as DOOM and Quake had? They are open source now and they might provide some helpful insight on how to make somthing useful
  3. You can get these games on GOGcom I thought?
  4. This map looks awesome
  5. Rainbow Six: Seige or How Ubisoft Gave up, Made Rainbow Six into a COD Clone and made a big wee wee on Tom Clancey's grave. YOU UBISOFT! Edit: And curse you Serellan for my in abillity to use Curse words on the forums. Lets hope that these "Replacement" Words will be ok.
  6. I am in
  7. Eplsilion is being coded with I regret nothing!
  8. Ok, What I am going to propose is going to possibly sound stupid or silly. Maybe both. So there is going to be allot of useful code for Epsilon. Why not polish that code up and sell it on the Unreal Marketplace as supplementary income to help fund Epsilon? As well as pave the way for the future of tactical shooters using unreal 4. You also make money from the package while it is on the UE4 marketplace. I know that several people are making a living off the unreal marketplace with the amount of sales they get. Again just a thought
  9. So question are there any good guides on how to make Custom Islands and Terrain for ARMA 3?
  10. Van HYPE IS REAL!
  11. So a bit about me - I do not like anime. I like the art style but not the stories that they tell. I personally find the stories too cliche or crazy for my personal taste. That said - I recently discovered this a short seven minute film called Tie Fighter by Otaking77077 Now Imagine something in the vein of a video game like EPSILON. Where you have short bursts of action in this art style and with an awesome story to boot. I know that people have said that they do not like the art style in the past. My personal opinion on this is just give it a shot. Just saying - HeadClot
  12. Inbound message from Epic Games Priority: Low Subject: Modding : https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?83-Does-this-mean-that-games-cant-be-moddable&p=233880&viewfull=1#post233880
  13. Serellan Should go for it so that they do not have to do a kickstarter
  14. Do not blame you the PC version is gimped due to UPLAY. Cannot speak for the X1 version or the PS4 version Either way looks like a fun map.