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  1. I too am enjoying a throwback to such a playstyle. Of course its as hard as the old Rainbow Six games too where a slight delay in shooting or miss can end with you getting shot. I just hate it doing Singleplayer where I cant rely on my AI squadmates covering my back which of course makes it tough. I know it kind of defeats the purpose but some of the longer missions take a while and a quick save or two limit per mission wouldnt go astray as a purely Singleplayer person.
  2. I dont think this game is a scam. Its a modern game like the old rainbox six titles just as the original Kickstarter goal. It nails this pretty well imo. There are a few negatives but to me it plays fairly solid and the only thing missing from the old rainbox six titles is more control over AI squadmates (unless I am missing a way to order them to move somewhere).
  3. I am new to these forums and I figure here seems a good place to say hello and that I look forward to playing this game.