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  1. This could be fun. Looks quite a lot like SWAT 4. Sure, it's all a bit low budget, but it seems worth trying out.
  2. Very nice. A bit faster than I thought. Hope everything works out fine. I saw a gameplay video and the game looks quite good already. The AI still seems to be a bit raw. Maybe they react fast enough most of the times, in the video I saw they seem to do alright, but I noticed that they don't seem to look around a lot. If you saw them turn their heads left and right like in the old Rainbow Six or SWAT games it would look much better already. I haven't tried the game myself yet, but will in the future when I have more time. Edit: Oh crap, wrong thread. Can someone move it tot this one please?
  3. Great to see the game on Steam now.
  4. Too bad Uplay is involved. Probably would have bought it otherwise.
  5. Very nice. I like how you still can see something from Takedown in the game, but with a lot of things added or improved. Nice to see those blood splatters for instance. For the best experience guns need to feel really powerful and dangerous, like they are.
  6. This looks absolutely brilliant. Especially if it will be in multiplayer as well. Something I always dreamed of in a tactical shooter. The old Rainbow Six games would have been even better if mission planning was supported in multiplayer. This really can give Epsilon an edge over other games. Great stuff.
  7. Nicely coloured level design. Reminds me of Takedown.
  8. I didn't like Arma 2 that much either. Haven't played it that much I must say, but it all seems more like a big sandbox with all these possibilities than a very fun game to play to me. The gunplay felt a bit off to me. From what I heard Arma 3 is much better at this, so there is a good chance I will pick it up in the future, when there is a good deal on Steam or something.
  9. Correct. I never play games without it, so very happy with it.
  10. Very nice to have a first look at the game. Only I haven't been able to find an invert mouse option. Did I overlook something?
  11. Oh god. This looks so promising.
  12. Can't stand the fake enthousiasm of the presenter guy.
  13. Rogue Spear please. The museum would look so good you'd forget what it was you came in for.