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  1. Ecalibur seems to be the publisher. There is an dedicated Facebook page for the project: https://www.facebook.com/ExcalPublishing Last entry 23rd of Octobre 2014.
  2. I know this is necrophilia at it's best but I have to add my opinion to this and only visit this forum from time to time Since there is no real competiton for the Armed Assault series the engine will probably never get optimized to run on the crippled hardware that consoles use Other then that i also see the problem of the vast number of inputs. I mean people use rudder pedals to lean and trackir for freelock to reduce the number of keys they need. Arma just isn't made for consoles. And as long as they refuse to optimize their engine to support more then two cpu cores I highly doubt they take on the chore of porting the game to consoles. I also doubt it would pay off because the "casual" console gamer will probably pick up cod/bf over the difficult arma game.
  3. swat3 does not have mp?
  4. just played some cargo ship and now I must say I agree. The flashlight does not reach far enough! In Biolab it works for me though.
  5. Found the corresponding Post
  6. same here. Unfortunately I have not found any information about backing the project now if one missed the kickstarter.
  7. it works great! hamachi network shold be first priority. you and others on your network can see you ip in the hamachi client.
  8. don't really care about the flashlight. but whatever you do, don't do this: http://media.pcgamer.com/files/2011/09/Battlefield-3-the-barrel-of-a-flashlight.jpg google bf3 flashlight for more info. and please don't add the bright bf3 sun: just my2cents
  9. this is a great guide. thank you for that. I just have a few additions. Are you supposed to open your ports only when you host a match or when you try to join as well? I can sometimes join servers and have not set any ports or use upnp. so I can sometimes join without ports. the content on that topic is not clear to me. Maybe it is just me I gave up on using the ingame browser. When I play with friends one of them hosts a hamachi network (don't get it from the main page though, as it seems to have some sort of spyware in it in the newest version; others virtual network programs should work as well) and we just join using the console: open <hamachi-ip>. Have not had any disconnects so far. Of course this will only help one if he only wants to play with people that he knows. There is a ini file where you can set the loadout of you AI teammates in SP. I right now cannot find it though but will look it up later if nobody else does. That should be added to your guide. This feature should be implemented through GUI as well. Hosting servers seems rather difficult as well. So maybe you could consider trying to change to a way where you don't have to forward ports in your firewall. other then that I like the guide.
  10. try changing rules of engagement. i believe it is "H", but better double check the configs.
  11. thx for the update, guess there is still room for improvements. Do you guys know about the Arma 3 Feedback Tracker. Maybe that would help involving the customers. Just suggesting. Not sure if it fits your needs and/or work flow. My main concerns right now are: - graphic errors - AI behaviour of enemies and temamates - game mechanics like leaning while moving ( I understand you disabled it because of a cheating issue but I would much prefer if it was implemented again) kinds regards