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  1. How's life Christian? I hope things are looking up. Would be good to hear how things are going.
  2. I saw a tweet from Christian today which intimated that he might be coming back to the forum and would like to be the 1st to say welcome back. Where are Terry and the guys too?
  3. Sweet, I'm going to try out the 36c Ghost Recon is owned by UBI not Serellan and as such we will never have a return to pre GRFS, what we really need is for Epsilon to be the best that it can be. have you tried it out yet?
  4. I fired up my PC and played a game just like GRAW 2 the other day... no hold on... it was GRAW 2.
  5. PC players who use controllers are traitors!!! I would say that making a working game on 1 platform and then moving it to others is better, it should give us all a better product in the end. Its all about the fingers, also never try to play with the KB + M on a laptop, they are horrible. (get an external KB+M and get finger training)
  6. 1: How much content do you see being in the game on full release? (Maps, Story, MP - COOP/PVP, Kit/weapons) and will the story missions impact on each other from 1 to the next and in what way? 2: To what level do you plan on supporting the game after release? (as in just patches and fixes or additional paid content, expansions, stories, map packs) 3: You guys are working hard and we all appreciate it. Is the development on target as far as your road map goes and how far along that road are you? I know these are things which get discussed here and those of us that are already here may know the answers to some or all of them, however as it is a Q+A video I feel that answers to these questions may help build interest from people that view the video but don't frequent these forums.
  7. Stalker!!!
  8. http://www.pcgamer.com/socom-lives-how-a-ps2-classic-is-being-remastered-by-fans/
  9. 1st....... I went MP5, I want G36 too but for CQC give me MP5. I went MP5 rather than MP5SD as presumably there will be the option to add the silencer anyway;-)
  10. Doesn't it base it on games in your library?
  11. Just to let you know, r/gamingnews just tweeted my reddit link so it should get seen by a few people. I retweeted it, might help if you guys do similar.
  12. Looks like I win. Go check out my new sexy steam profile background I DARE YOU!!!!
  13. Sweet, so EA is imminent then?
  14. Done. https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/3qt4yi/epsilon_creator_serellan_are_giving_1000_copies/