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  1. Is this some kind of joke I'm not getting?
  2. I guess #Epsilonthegame was taken, eh?
  3. Looks quite neat. Though I have to ask: is it just me, or is the volume waaay too low on that video?
  4. Aside from a few cosmetic things, diddly squat I believe.
  5. The fact is that the guy is borderline spamming the same argument in every "applicable" post in the forums, as if not just putting it once was enough. It's a bad display of character all around due to a lack of basic etiquette. But enough about him. Good luck with Epsilon, Serellan. Hope you turn the tables around this time.
  6. Personally, I have no interest in PvP. If limitations to the project's scope were to be implemented, I would first start working on the single player experience. You know, getting the mechanics right (movement, physics, ballistics, lighting, etc.), the graphical interface working correctly (working menus, working saving features for equipment, among other things) and the interactive environment set and working properly (enemies and their AI; map design; and particular interactive assets such as doors, objectives, animations, etc.). Calculate reasonable system requirements, yada yada yada. Granted, such things would have to be designed with the consideration that they would be implemented in multiplayer modes in the future. Afterwards, I'd move on towards getting the multiplayer experience working smoothly, both for Co-op and Adversarial modes. Making it so the implemented features could be used in network play without that much latency (leaning while moving around corners, grenades, door animations, sounds), while thinking about what usual conditions might be present while encountering a contact (tac-aid might've been deployed in a door entry; player might encounter an enemy, who notices him as well, just as he opens a door; player is leaning to peek around a wall and encounters someone on the other side; among lots of other instances) and working the netcode to make sure those instances ran as good as they could. I also think more consideration towards some sort of open beta testing program would also help in curtailing incredulity, increasing the range of machines in which the game would work out smoothly, and promoting even more transparency. Additionally, I'd make sure important decisions (such as "we're not doing a Police Simulator such as SWAT 4", or "we're thinking about implementing x feature because of y reasons, what do you think?") would get known clearly and promptly (perhaps through an announcement board on the front page). However, it'd be of utmost importance for me to stick to my decisions and don't flip-flop on important things along the way (as there'd be plenty of time to do further additions or modifications after the initial working release is made). I recall the Steam integration flip-flop with Takedown. Kind of a big thing, from what I saw. I could go on, but I've bored you enough already.
  7. Tac shooter, of course.
  8. Gotta start somewhere, I suppose.
  9. DayZ, if you haven't gotten the joke yet.
  10. Right to the left of MultiQuote. Done did already, by the way.
  11. Actually, there's little wiggle room for the term. A post mortem (latin for "after death") is done only after a project is concluded. An educated guess would be to infer that this is it in regard to the game's development.
  12. I understood that as "it does require Steam".
  13. The Unreal Editor is for PCs, so most likely not.
  14. Famous last words.
  15. If I had to conjecture, a PS port is not happening. Since there's not enough demand for the game to convince 505 to support any alteration to the project's reach, no matter how miniscule.